Street photos from Israel 18-21

Busy days, so I’ll post this draft that has been waiting to be published:

This has been part 18-21 of my series “Street photos from Israel”. If you have missed out on the previous shots, you’ll find them here:

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16 thoughts on “Street photos from Israel 18-21

    • I have a lot of followers, but most of them are passive (I don’t blame them tough, because blogging is very time-consuming).
      Thanks for the award, I’m very glad to hear that you find my blog inspirational. I will put the award on the shelf by my digital fireplace alongside the other awards 🙂

      Your questions had me thinking. Question #10 was extremely difficult and I had severeal alternatives!

      • Blogging can become an obsession that overtakes alot of other things – I always tell my son that the world of the computer is a vast, time-sucking void – sometimes it’s hard to know when to pull back… Glad you liked the questions, that is the part I enjoyed the most…

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