Negative Space – Akam Photo Challenge

There’s a Norwegian photography website ( that has a forum for photographers. Every second Sunday they have a theme (similar to the Weekly Photo Challenge on WordPress) and for the theme on Sunday the 25th of November they asked me to be the host. The theme I chose was Negative Space and this is what I wrote (and the photo I posted):

A form of negative space is silhouettes. In this photograph we see the silhouette of an earlier building.

A form of negative space is silhouettes. In this photograph we see the silhouette of an earlier building.

«Negative Space – the gap around and between the object / subject in an image.  

When you compose a photograph, there are a number of rules (or ‘loose guidelines’ as I prefer to think of them as) that you’re supposed to keep in mind. This is in addition to the purely technical aspects of photographing. Typical examples of such rules are: lines, shapes, colors, the Rule of Thirds and vanishing points.

A useful tool that is often overlooked when talking about compositions is what’s called ‘Negative Space’. Negative Space is, simply put, the air filling the picture. Such air / empty space can be useful to guide the eye, or to emphasize details in a picture.

So, now I hope many of you go out with your cameras to think really negative (pun intended) and record your contributions.»

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If you want to see how other Norwegian photographers interpreted «Negative Space», you can follow this link:

Feel free to come up with your own photographic interpretation of Negative Space and leave me a link here in blog.

27 thoughts on “Negative Space – Akam Photo Challenge

  1. I really don’t have anything clever to add to what your followers have already said…. It is utterly interesting… and I do like your puns 😀

  2. I did not know about the negative space …
    interesting thought!
    Very nice also the site …
    you’re always full of surprises …
    a dear greeting
    Ciao Cardinal ♠

    • As you already know I wrote you a coment in your post, but I forgot to thank you here in this post! 😀
      I appreciate the fact that you joined in on the challenge and I love the fact that it got you thinking about how you shoot.

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