Green Reflections in the Water

The theme for the Weekly Photo Challenge is green. Sara Rosso over at WordPress is always encouraging people to come up with new posts, which I think is great because after all it’s called a photo challenge (with emphasis on the word challenge). Where’s the challenge in posting a link to your old post like many bloggers tend to do?  

Anyway, this time I didn’t even look in my catalog for a “green” photo, but went out and took some new photos. I went looking for something green, or something that could be interpreted as green, and here are the results:

60 thoughts on “Green Reflections in the Water

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    • The photos are shot from a floating bridge, so the only disturbance I had was people passing by. Ended up with a handful of blurry shots.
      Long exposures and swaying grounds? Not a great combination 😀

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  6. Oh, that did come out good. Is that a green house? Why are the lights green?

    The reflections look brighter than the source – very nice.

    • Just got this information from a friend a few days ago: it’s an open house and anyone can go in there. My friend arranged a party there, but told me it was useless as a party place because there were no toilets in there.

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  10. I bet you were the only one to do green by night… I love the result. I know it feels great to be able to respond to a challenge with freshly taken pictures. Well done!

    • Yes it was nice to take the challenge as a challenge and go out to shoot something, but I probably won’t make a habit of it: it’s so much more convenient and easy to find some suitable stuff among all the photos that are already on the hard disk 🙂
      (and besides: sometimes I just feel the urge to embrace laziness & the comfort of staying at home).

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  12. Wow I disappear for the better part of a month (or has it been closer to two – school and work have been insane) and I come back and you don’t fail to disappoint! I really like these. Where I live a river splits the city in half and the downtown is right along the river on one side so people are constantly photographing that so it does remind of that in one way, and I also just really like the vibrancy of the colours at night here reflecting against the water – it always makes for an interesting study, I imagine that’s why people here do it as well.

    • Thanks a lot. It’s very nice to have you back. I always appreciate your comments.
      I hope that both your studies and your work is going great. I’ve also been quite busy the last couple of weeks: a co-worker was fired, so now I’m doing his job as well. I used to have some time at work that I could spend commenting and reading blogs, but now I’m busy doing actual work 🙂 I like it when my work days are busy. It makes the time pass quicker. The only thing I don’t like about my job is that I don’t get to do any design or photo related stuff.

      • Work is not the greatest, I am enjoying what I am doing ok enough but there is a lot of office politics I am not enjoying so much but that is the nature of office work it seems is it not? Hopefully it will get better sooner than later – and in the mean time it pays the bills 😉 I also wish I could do something more photo and/or writing related but ah well, maybe some day

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