Photographing and timing

We were in Lisbon and on our last night there we had a hotel room with a view over a glass roof that covered the reception area. It was a full moon night and early in the morning, as I was trying to capture the reflection of the full moon that was hiding behind the next-door building, a plane from the national airline TAP Portugal flew by.

Luckily I managed to capture it, but then I suddenly thought to myself that since the hotel was nearby the airport, it would probably be possible to capture some more flight-photos from the same window? After all, the airplanes always follow the same route when they approach the airport for landing…
Sure enough: the flights kept coming, so I got to shoot more photos (and I also got to snap some shots after breakfast).

I guess these photos show that when it comes to photographing, timing is important.

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What about you? Do you have any photos to share where the timing has been the key to get a good result? If so, please add a link in the comment field.

18 thoughts on “Photographing and timing

  1. Nice work- I stay in a Hotel right next to an International Airport and I ALWAYS try to get them!!

  2. Perfectly caught CG 🙂 Well done! I would not like to have a room so close to the airport, but in your case it paid off :). The only pic of mine where timing was crucial was the one of my pooping pigeon 😉 Remember it? 😀

  3. Great work resulting from patience and a willingness to keep shooting. I really like the photograph and the bent air plane, it’s so surreal.

    • Thank you Otto. Yes, it did require some patience: I had to stand in a weird position on the window-ledge for quite some time, while trying to listen for the next plane. In the end it was a lot of waiting and many failed shots that were out of focus or too blurry, but it was worth it and it’s satisfying when you get a good shot.

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