Mystery Box from a Blogger

I’m taking part in a cozy project called Foodie Pen Pals International that tokyohamster is organizing (check out the link section for more info). This is how it works:

  • Tokyohamster arranges the details (who you’re sending food to and who’s sending to you) .
  • By the end of the month, you ship a box of local foods with the maximum spending equivalent of 15 USD.  Homemade food works too if it can last the trip.  Include a personalized note in the box with instructions, recipes, or just to say hi!
  • If you’re a blogger, post about your new stash on the last day of the month.  If you’re a reader, feel free to offer to guest post on your pen pal’s blog about your new food goodies.

So, last month I shipped a box containing some Norwegian food items to Jennifer in Singapore, and a few weeks later I received a box from Michelle in Malaysia.

For me this was a brilliant way to get in touch with other bloggers on a more personal level and to learn more about their cuisine.

Here’s the contents of my first ever Mystery Box:

  • Malaysian Tea. This is perfect for our household. We love tea and currently have more than 20 different flavours.
  • Rendang paste – best with beef. We’ll serve this with rice.
  • Curry paste for chicken will also be served with rice.
  • Kuaci – a snack that goes well with beer. And last, but not least:
  • The Amazing Candy Bag with some green sour apple thingies and some Red Ginseng Candy. The bag had more candy in it than what you see on the photo, but we ate them already seconds after having tasted them (the red ginseng was a totally new flavour to me, and the apple gummies were so tasty that I started dancing a silly dance as I ate them!)

Michelle also sent us a very nice homemade card were she wrote a little greeting and suggestions for serving.
Thanks a lot Tokyohamster for arranging this and thanks to Michelle for the Mystery Box, and Jennifer: I hope you’ll enjoy your package!

Check out Tokyohamsters blog:
Jennifer in Singapore? Her blog is

Tokyohamsters update:

fukutoshins update:


25 thoughts on “Mystery Box from a Blogger

  1. I know about Rendang because it’s from Indonesia originally. I know kuaci as well.
    Anyway this is a nice program because we can get to know other cultures through their foods. 🙂


    • The ginseng was good, but the sour apple candy was biblical.
      I’m pretty sure that Eve made Adam eat all the sour apple candy, and then God got really pissed off because there was nothing left for him, so he turned the whole world into shit (just because he’s so righteous and loves everyone).

  2. Really a great idea… :-
    Most of the time I’m away from Denmark, in fact some kindly humans 2-3 times a year sent me a box with some pure danish ingredients… 🙂

      • ‘hahaha’
        The postman wouldn’t bring it… ‘big smile’
        This one from my childhood area can’t be posted either:
        Sønderjyske Blodpandekager
        250 g. mel
        5 dl. mælk
        1 tsk. sukker
        1,5 tsk natron
        4 æg
        5 dl. blod
        1½ tsk salt
        fedt til bagning

        Rør mel, æg og sukker i en skål og rør godt, blodet tilsættes først lige før bagning – når blodet er rørt i, bages pandekagerne straks i fedt og spises varme med sirup på – blodpandekager serveres ofte en af de første dage efter slagtningen… 🙂 🙂 😉

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