The Movie List


I’ve made a list of movies that I think is worth watching. The plan was to write them all down in a post but, since I’ll be adding to the list as I watch new movies, I decided to make a new page instead. I would love to get recommendations for new movies, or to hear your opinion if you strongly agree/disagree with any of the movies on my list.

So, if you’re interested, please check out the list here:

15 thoughts on “The Movie List

  1. This is such a good idea that I might have to steal it – and that is quite the list you have, at least a few of those movies have made me bawl my eyes out, but very good movies!

    • Yes, there’s a lot of good movies on that list. Some of them are really, extraordinary great as well 🙂 I’ve rated all the movies between 7-10 on – which of course means that not all of them are extraordinary, but in my opinion they’re all worth watching for different reasons.
      It would be great if you also made a list, because I’m always excited to get to know about movies that I haven’t seen that are worth watching.

      • I will add it to my to do list for sure! I am also working on a “soundtrack of my life” project that one of my facebook friends (who used to be a LiveJournal friend when we were both active on there) suggested, I will have lots to do over the school break from the sounds of it 🙂

  2. Thanks I am not much of a TV watcher but I love movies! The Equalizer was awesome!

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