Meeting another blogger

Sunnysphotoart wrote a comment in one of my recent posts where she mentioned that she was going to Oslo. This was a great opportunity to meet, so we wrote a couple of emails and met up in Oslo. She’s been here many times before, so she basically knew all the major downtown attractions, but still we went for a walk and talk downtown where I shared some of the history I know about the different sites and attractions. Here’s a few photos from our walk:

Thanks for a nice walk Sunny!

29 thoughts on “Meeting another blogger

  1. I have always thought it would be very nice to meet some of the fabulous photographers and bloggers as well!

    • Me to, so I thought: why not do something about it?
      I’m used to having visitors from all over the world, but this was the first time I met people (in real life) through the blog.

  2. How fun! I too have met a fellow blogger for the first time! At the airport in Halifax..

    Oslo is beautiful …loved the pictures!

  3. How exciting! I love meeting fellow bloggers. In fact, I’m off to a blogger’s meet tomorrow.

    I love 6302. The angle, the trees, and a solitary figures… it’s all so poetic. Is that your friend in the picture?

    • That’s actually the only photo I’m pleased with, but it’s someone else’s friend on the photo.

      I’ve never been to a bloggers meeting. Could have been interesting, but I’m not taking part in the Norwegian blogosphere…

    • Me too, but Akershus Festning dates back to medieval times. Today Oslo is getting filled with asphalt and concrete – I’m afraid that the days of the cobble stones are long gone.

  4. I like to thank you again for showing us your hometotwn.It was soooo nice to meet you.We really had a great time and a lot of fun.
    Be sure,I´ll contact you when I´ll be in Oslo next time…I hope very soon 😉
    Feel free to look at my blog to see more pics of lovely Oslo ❤
    Takk for sist og ha en fin dag 🙂

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