Big Swan (weekly photo challenge)

Swans, genus Cygnus, are birds of the family Anatidae, which also includes geese and ducks. This one is a pretty big…swan?

The Cock'n'Balls Swan

Genus Cygnus Glans

According to Wikipedia:

«Swans feed in the water and on land. They are almost entirely herbivorous, although they may eat small amounts of aquatic animals. In the water food is obtained by up-ending or dabbling, and their diet is composed of the roots, tubers, stems and leaves of aquatic and submerged plants.»

It's unknown what's on this particular swan's diet, but I think I have an idea...

It’s unknown what’s on this particular swan’s diet, but I think I have an idea…

Wikipedia continues:

«Although swans only reach sexual maturity between 4 and 7 years of age, they can form socially monogamous pair bonds from as early as 20 months that last for many years, and in some cases these can last for life.»

I have a feeling that this type of swan is not monogamous...

Is this cock cob monogamous? I have a feeling that it’s not…

More big posts here:

EDIT: Can someone please ask Sara Rosso why my pingback and comments doesn’t appear on the dailypost-site? As you can see above, I’ve already linked to but there’s no pingback and the comment I wrote there isn’t visible.. (I could have asked her myself if my comments appeared…)

47 thoughts on “Big Swan (weekly photo challenge)

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    • Thanks! Perfect timing! I bought tiny red and tiny yellow tomatoes yesterday and the plan is to pickle them, so I’ll try this recipe: it’ll probably work for any type of tomato.

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  4. Swans can be really big and nasty: this “one” just looks really big! It’s the kind of sculpture little old ladies without their glasses wander by and go “Margaret, is that a …. no, it can’t be…. oh dear! what is the world coming to…” Thanks for the laugh.

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