Morning at the Western Wall

People performing their morning prayers at the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

Morning prayers at the Western Wall, Jerusalem.

“They will revere You at sun[rise], and before the moon, for all generations.” (Ps. 72:5). Morning prayers at the Western Wall, Jerusalem.

This photo is shot early morning during sunrise where a group of jews perform a prayer called Shacharit. Observant jews pray 3 times a day (women only pray once). The first prayer of the day is called Shacharit and must take place before 1/3 of the day is over. The other two prayers are Mincha in the afternoon (must take place before sunset) and Maariv in the evening/night after sunset.

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25 thoughts on “Morning at the Western Wall

  1. I’ve seen so many pictures of people at the wall and honestly, yours is one of the few I have a closer look at! Yes! for once I am using a browser that doesn’t make things look funny!

    • I’m still around and I’m posting quite often, but there’s too many blogs that I follow. Since I don’t have a system on visiting/commenting in other peoples blogs, I’m just randomly appearing (and disappearing).

  2. A fascinating place. I went into a room nearby and was intimidated by the praying.

    • In my opinion praying is probably the most popular way of doing something without doing anything, but whatever makes them feel good is fine by me 🙂
      I like this quote (have no idea who came up with it):

      Religion Is Like a Penis
      It’s fine to have one.
      It’s fine to be proud of it.
      But please don’t whip it out in public and start waving it around.
      And PLEASE don’t try to shove it down my kids throats!

  3. A spell bounding photograph. I have been to the wall of prayer and know how hard it is to captured something different. You have been able to make something magic out of the early morning prayer. Beautifully captured and processed.

    • Thank you very much Munchow. I guess it’s all a matter of timing, luckily I got up before the sun and was ready to take photos as the sun rose.
      I have more photos from the area, but they’re desperately looking for some attention and post-processing.

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