The Fisherman

The Fisherman

The Fisherman

On this photo I’ve added some layers in photoshop:

  • hue/saturation
  • brightness/contrast
  • 2 x color balance
  • layer with black

Edit: Brightened it up a bit for Rose Dayjo

The Fisherman - brighter version

The Fisherman – brighter version


19 thoughts on “The Fisherman

  1. We have just come off a week of watching “pope” themed videos so I got a really spiritual vibe off your photo… Transcendent blue, solitude, water, that lovely glow – inspired!

    • A week of “pope” themed videos?!? I didn’t even knew such videos existed. Dope-themed would have been easier to find 😀

      Thanks for nice feedback on the photo. I think the brighter version needs a bit more work, but I was short on time so I just brightened it without doing any further adjustments.

      • As I refuse to give money to bad programming on cable tv, I guess you would call my viewing habits “eclectic”… saw “the Borgias” series with Jeremy Irons, a Nanni Moretti film “Habeus Papem” and “Shoes of the Fisherman” with Anthony Quinn…. now I’ll need to go on a “dope” themed film fest (that will cover alot)!

        • «a “dope” themed film fest (that will cover alot)!»
          See you in 15 years! 😀 (or possibly even longer – there’s just too many drug related movies).

          I totally agree with you on bad cable TV! We share the same eclectic habits.

          BTW: I’ve been working on a movie post were I list a bunch of great movies, but I haven’t posted it yet. I’ll get around to it during the next few days.

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