46 thoughts on “It keeps pouring down…

    • The leak has been located to the opening in both ends of the tunnel: it turns out that when it rains the water chooses the path of least resistance, but don’t worry: the Norwegian government has already put together a commitee that will look into solutions on how they can seal the leaks.
      A team of geologists and bureaucrats from the National Transportation Authorities have joined forces with some high-end marketers to come up with a solution and present the case for the public via the state sponsored media that we have here in Norway.

      A possible solution could be to drain the entrances or to close off both ends of the tunnel with bricks and/or concrete (alternatively fill the whole tunnel with concrete), but they will probably come up with a more fancy and costly proposal for a solution. The case will then be transferred to a team of sociologist, economists, psychologists and social scientists, that will look into the socio-political impact the proposal will have on the local community and wether or not the solution will make immigrants feel stigmatized.

      Then the matter will be referred to environmental organizations for their input – which will not be heard. The next step is to send the case to Brussels where the lawyers in the EEA will decide that this solution – wether it’s positive for the local community or not – is contrary to international legal regulations.
      (We actually used to have a clausul in our Constitution that specifically mentioned that people that let foreign powers get control over our nation, should be sentenced to death. Our politicians wisely decided to liquidate this clausul – after they had let foreign interests get control over our democracy).

      We, the people, are definitely almost a little bit certain that we might have some hope to stop the leak in the tunnels: approximately somewhere between 11-28 years from now. In the meantime the leak will continue during heavy rain, but on sunny days it won’t be a problem. People still won’t mind the leak, because it will keep people employed in public positions and make them feel like they are doing something important.

      Since we most likely won’t come up with a solution that won’t offend anyone, another comittee will, several years after the project was supposed to be finished, be put together to look into how this simple project could fail and take so long.

      The public will demand an answer to what their tax-money have been wasted on. Some activists will probably start a group on Facebook where they complain and cry out their frustrations: the most extreme among them will threaten to vote on another political party in the next election.

      Finally the Public Comittee that’s looking into the failure, will come to the conclusion that no one is to be blamed and that it was all a matter of a series of unfortunate circumstances. Then, in the end, the public departments that were involved in the project will promise to improve their procedures in the future.

      That’s how we solve problems in Norway.

    • Not sure if I should call it good or bad, but I’ve had a normal day. This basically means that I’m spending my time doing something pointless, so that I can be rewarded with some electronic digits transferred to my bankaccount.

  1. Hello Cardinal!! Long time no see!! You’ve made some big changes around here since my last visit. Your gravatar is pretty creepy, but perfect for October with Halloween coming soon. Nice black and white. I really like it! Take care, Margie

  2. Much agreed – rain/over cast skies makes the best lighting for shooting in my opinion! I have shot some of my absolute favourites in that sort of a setting 🙂

    • I like rain photos too. My ‘Google+ friend’ Sharon kindly asked me to post some more rain shots (after i posted one earlier) and after that I’ve been more active than before when it comes to rain photography.

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