Norway’s Largest Aquarium Shop

Earlier this summer I went to have a look at the largest aquarium shop in Norway. It’s called Akvariemagasinet and it’s located at Løren in Oslo. The shop is 700m² and you’ll find a wide selection of salt- and freshwater fish there.

I find the different creatures of the underwater world interesting and I have a dream that we’ll some day own our own place to live, and that we’ll have a large aquarium and a piano in our home. That’s why the aquarium shop is a great place for me to look around – it’s also a great place for photos!

Here’s a small tour of Akvariemagasinet and some of the psychedelic creatures that live there:

Lørenveien 38, Oslo


20 thoughts on “Norway’s Largest Aquarium Shop

    • Thanks Richard. The photos got changed around now with the new gallery settings, but there’s still no doubt about which photo you refer too: that snout is just all over the lens! 😀

  1. I love my ixus too 🙂 so convinient… aquariums can be so hypnotising… did you ask that gold fish a wish? 😉 Loving these pictures ….

  2. Agree with Paula in “aquariums can be so hypnotising” or relaxing – the “7210” maybe the most relaxing one if you count them then you don’t to count the sheeps so you are sleeping before that – great shots… 🙂

  3. Ixus are not my favourite..Because they grow and grow…The rest I like…C and me we had 2 aquarium..It was nice to look at them!!!..Manu funny histories…Still I do not know you so much!;)

  4. They are so wonderful, and you did a great job of capturing them! I went to the Vancouver aquarium a few years ago and it is very tricky, I know :S

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