Moon, train and light trails

Captured these trains passing by the other night.

Light trails from two trains passing by.

Light trails from 3 trains passing by.

I like shooting long-exposure photos and capture light trails like this. The autumn has started and this is the perfect season for this kind of photography, because I don’t have to stay up all night (or get up in the middle of the night) in order to catch the perfect light (or shall I say darkness?) conditions.  

15 thoughts on “Moon, train and light trails

  1. What does Tusen Takk mean? Don’t make me go to Google translator please.. i’ve just sexcellented something and it said: tusen takk.. is it “grazie mile” in Italian?

  2. Again – I am loving the way the light trails convey movement, and in these ones the colours are a nice juxtaposition against the background, very nice!

    • Thanks again Miss SMC. It’s great to ‘have you back’ after all your studies and busy schedule.
      I also like the colors in these photos. I have tons of photos of train light trails and I just shot some traffic light trails a few days ago (I’ll probably post them soon).

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