An organisation called SIAN (Stop Islamization of Norway) held a demonstration in downtown Oslo on Saturday the 29th of September 2012.  According to the pamphlets distributed at the event they were demonstrating against the special requirements demanded by muslims in Norway, like:

  • New blasphemy laws to to prevent criticism of islam
  • Banks for muslims
  • The desire the connect sharia with Norwegian laws
  • Elderly care centers for muslims only
  • Kindergartens for muslims only
  • Schools for muslims only
  • Muslim food (halal) for muslim prisoners in Norwegian prisons
  • Etc, etc.

The counter-demonstrators from the organisations Blitz, The Islamic Community of Oslo (Det Islamske Samfunn Oslo) and New S.O.S Racism (the old S.O.S Racism was closed down because the police started investigating them and found that they spent the money they had received from public funding and spent them on their personal well-being) also showed up. They always seem to arrange a demonstration when someone who doesn’t agree with their points of view are using their freedom of speech to express their opinion.

The Blitz/SOS gang were being held behind barriers by the police forces, that are fully aware that the counter-demonstrators are more than willing to throw rocks and use violence when people don’t agree with them. They also handed out pamphlets were it said that SIAN is a fascist organization spreading racism. They also claimed that SIAN was responsible for the Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik and that the thoughts SIAN is spreading is similar to Hitlers Jew-theories back in the 1930’s.

(“Fun” fact: during demonstrations against Israel in 2009, people from Islamic organisations & Blitz were throwing rocks and bottles while shooting fireworks against a small group of demonstrators that were supporting Israel. They were also shouting anti-Semitic slogans in Arabic and after the demonstration a 78-year old man that was a supporter of Israel was beaten up by muslim immigrants. After the demonstration they smashed up the center of Oslo – shop windows etc..)

Apparently freedom of speech shall only apply for those that agree with Blitz/SOS/Det Islamske Samfunn Oslo, and no one should be allowed to criticize Islam, the “prophet” Muhammed or immigration politics, because if they do they are dangerous fascists, Nazis and terrorists – all guilty of Crimethink/Thoughtcrime.

Here’s two small clips (in one):