Nargileh with fruit tobacco

This is a nargileh with fruit tobacco. It’s also called shisha, sheesha or hookah in different parts of the world. 

Nargileh with fruit tobacco. It's also called shisha, sheesha or hookah.

Nargileh with fruit tobacco. It’s also called shisha, sheesha or hookah.

In this photo I’ve blended 4-5 photos with different exposures together.


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25 thoughts on “Nargileh with fruit tobacco

  1. I remember that feeling. 🙂 The multi-exposures are masterfully done – this is a great composition. I like it a lot. (which reminds me – how’s the no “likes” going? I’m considering following suit)

    • I enjoy life without likes, I feel that there is less pressure now. Finally I can follow my life long dream and lower the standards. There’s no stress. I no longer think about how I look when I leave the house: I put my social security pants on, an old stained t-shirt and some dirty socks. I don’t even have to wear deodorant! Who cares anyway? My next goal now is to gain 15 kilos before Mid-Winter. Some people would call it decay, my therapist calls it “psychosis”, I call it passive-aggressive progress” 🙂

      No, seriously: the likes are gone and I don’t miss them. I much prefer interacting via the comment field (even if often have nothing – or just bullshit – to say).
      I still get the occasional ‘like’ though, because some readers use the WordPress reader to catch up on others blogs, and there’s a ‘like’ button there that can’t be removed from your blog settings.

    • Thanks Angeline. I enjoy experimenting with different layers and techniques in my photos. I don’t smoke often, but occasionally I smoke nargileh, it varies between 6-12 times per year. We often bring it if we’re going to barbeque, but this summer we’ve only barbequed once or twice because of the bad weather.

  2. Is it, the hookah itself, the fruit tobacco or the large red wine glass – which gives the out of body experience…? 😉

    A great image… 🙂

  3. Yes, very well done multiple exposures. I was also curious about the no likes. I miss the ability to quickly say “hello” so to speak, but I get your p.o.v. p.s. I did hookah post a ways back.

    • I updated my post now and added a link to your hookah.
      The likes are gone, they might re-appear, but I didn’t like the ‘quick hello’ part of it. Sometimes people clicked ‘like’ 2 seconds after I’d posted a post with lots of text and it was obvious that they hadn’t actually read the post – just clicked like and moved on. So, to eliminate the click-whores, I removed the whole feature.

  4. Fuck!… I’ve gained 20 pounds since I started blogging just photos. I wish that where a bong on your picture and… I started doing laundry once a month and… I realized I’m 48!… and… I WANT A LIKE BUTTON!!!

  5. Very nice! Over here we tend to call the pipe or smoking apparatus the hookah and the fruit tobacco the sheesha. That is one of the many reasons I am glad we have experienced an influx of Middle Eastern immigrants – they have brought with them this tradition and their amazing delicious food that I adore! I actually have a hookah, but it’s all put away in it’s case and I haven’t used it in ages. One of my favourite combinations was this cherry flavour and a coke (like the soda pop) flavour and you mix them together and it tastes amazing! The orange flavour is also quite good, tastes sort of like the chewable vitamin c’s except it’s smoke, amazing! Just like this photo – that’s quite the process.

    • I’m 100% sure that I won’t like the orange one, but I would love to try the cherry & coke!! Unfortunately they don’t sell tobacco with cherry or coke flavour here, but I’ll look for it next time we’re abroad.

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