His Wife, The Painter

Just to clear things up immediately: the woman on this photo is not not my wife. She’s some random woman I met while I was on a stroll downtown. She’s obviously a fine specimen, something which of course intrigued me, so I asked if I could take her picture. She said ‘yes’ and I clicked the shutter. Later on I removed the colors in the background, because all the photos plastered up on the wall became a distraction from the main subject in the photo.

Beautiful woman downtown

Beautiful woman downtown

The title of the post is taken from a Charles Bukowski poem – I have no idea if the woman on the photo is someone’s wife, or even a painter. For all I know she can be a doctor, an elevator operator, a lamplighter or a switchboard operator.

His Wife, The Painter
There are sketches on the walls of men and women and ducks,
and outside a large green bus swerves through traffic like
insanity sprung from a waving line; Turgenev, Turgenev,
says the radio, and Jane Austin, Jane Austin, too.
“I am going to do her portrait on the 28th, while you are
at work.”
Charles Bukowski
(poem copied from poemhunter.com)

If you’re interested in doing some street photography, Gav over at Sedge808 had some tips on street photographing. You might want to check them out in his blog: http://sedge808.wordpress.com/2012/09/12/sedge808s-six-tips-for-photoing-people/

When it comes to street photography of people, Richard Guest is a master. He’s shooting a lot of portraits of random people that he meets along his path here on this planet. He has a straight forward, face-to-camera approach, producing a great number of interesting results:

At Strassenfotojournal you’ll also find street photography, but while Mr. Guest is shooting portraits, Cornelia Lohs is usually taking photos of people that are unaware of the camera: http://strassenfotojournal.com/2012/09/12/audience-before-event/

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