Random Street Art – Açores

Please enjoy this random collection of street art from The Archipelago of the Azores. These photos are shot at the islands Terceira, São Jorge and Faial.

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13 thoughts on “Random Street Art – Açores

  1. Wow! Incredible street art. Do they promote it there? It’s fantastic!
    After watching the movie Exit Through The Gift Shop, I’m always looking around when I’m out, and blank walls make me sad.

    • I’ve added a gallery with all the photos now.
      Horta, Faial island, is famous for it’s graffiti.
      It’s the last stop for people sailing across the Atlantic to the US, or the first stop for those sailing the other way. Many sailboats that are crossing the Atlantic paint their boat’s logo on the concrete in the port, so the whole port looks like a large quilt of flags, logos and greetings from sailors from all over the world.
      But apart from that, I don’t think they promote graffiti in the Azores.

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