Mirrored Curves

There’s a fantastic photo of Melbourne over at pdf34.wordpress.com – curves. You should really go check it out! It’ll cost you only a click and a few seconds. I decided to join in on the “Travel theme: Curves” that wheresmybackpack started. At first I was planning to post an erotic and suggestive B/W photo, but  I realized that it wasn’t related to travelling, so I ended up with this photo from Horta, Portugal instead.

I wish that someone would think of us photographers and clean all the street mirrors in the world.

I wish that someone would think of us photographers and clean all the street mirrors in the world.

Here’s a random list of a few other entries:

24 thoughts on “Mirrored Curves

  1. actually I llike the speckled reflection squashed and distorted in the mirror and its a brilliant shot, theme wise as well –
    ps thanks for the pingback

  2. I lose myself in beautiful pictures and English words!
    the world through your eyes is wonderful. A paradise.
    Always happy to pass into your world.
    kiss my dear Cardinal♠7

  3. Ehi CG, I love B/W curved mirror! It’s a great entry for the travel theme.
    Ok, now, seriously, I’m waiting for the “erotic and suggestive B/W photo”….

  4. Thank you for stopping by my site and for the pingback. I love the photo you have used for ‘curves’ – capturing a whole building in a different way!

  5. Haha, nice one Cardinal G – I love the idea of your erotic and suggestive Curves photo – but I love this shot too – it’s wonderful, and the grime absolutely adds to the photo. Just getting caught up on all the Curvy posts as I was on the road and away from internet connection for a while, so I was delighted to see your post waiting for me when I finally got back online! xxx Ailsa

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