One year has passed…

Today one year has passed since the first post in this blog.

Horta, Portugal

Horta, Portugal

Blog-wise, what has happened this last year?

Since I started this blog one year ago I’ve posted 201 posts (this is the 202nd) and 204 people have decided to follow the blog. Most of these followers are passive (they stop by every now and then to read a post and perhaps say hello or click the like- button), while some are more active; always reading my posts & leaving comments. I also follow many blogs and of course it’s only natural to be more active in some blogs and less in others.

My first post was about Mexican photographer Daniela Rossell, an article I wrote many years ago and decided to open the blog with. First I published the Norwegian article, then I followed up with an English translation few days later. Throughout the year this has been my most popular post – both in terms of ratings, search terms and clicks – which is very satisfying considering the fact that there’s a lot of work put into the article: both research and translation. Let me specify: the English post about Daniela Rossell is my most popular post, while the Norwegian version is among the least popular.

My plan when I started the blog was to write all posts in both Norwegian and English, but I quickly realized that the Norwegian posts don’t generate any visitors. So I decided that I wouldn’t waste my time and energy on it. The only positive thing is that when I write my mother’s tongue, it raises the level of my writing, because my vocabulary is better. Translating the stuff I write into English also helps my English vocabulary.

But. like I said, I won’t be writing for the Norwegians; they enjoy stuff like clothes, fashion and sports, and their favourite conversational subject is the weather. Research actually prove that they are a bunch of conformists (Stanley Milgram): If Norwegians are placed in a group, and the majority of the group agrees on a subject – most of the Norwegians will also agree, just to fit in (even if he/she didn’t really agree on the given subject in the first place).

Other popular posts have been my series about The History of Tattoo (it took a long while before the stats started increasing on those articles, but after the second article was published it created a synergy effect, so now both of them are improving in terms of readers and popularity.

So, where will the blog go from here?

Like every single other human being that has ever walked the surface of this earth, I’m not able to predict the future. The only ones that can somehow vaguely predict the future is the meteorologist and the best thing they can come up with, is a chaos theory about what the weather will be like the next few days.

This is not a prediction and as you can see it’s definitely not chiseled in stone, but I was thinking about posting less frequently and write longer, more researched posts (like the ones I’ve mentioned), but I haven’t really decided on anything in particular, because I also like sharing photos: sharing photos is quick and easy, while writing a good post takes time.

I’m also considering removing the like button, because basically it’s like a digital dog taking a piss on a blog corner: “I was here, I clicked like, I moved on”. The like button isn’t even a guarantee that people actually liked what they read/saw. I’ve experienced publishing a long post and almost instantly received a “like”, even when there’s no way that anyone could have read that fast!

Well, at least for a while, I will try a new life without the like button which means that from now on, if you want to let me know that you’ve been here, you’ll have to walk the extra mile and go through the hassle of leaving a comment.

Apropos comments, feel free to leave one and tell me what you would like to read about in this blog. Do you prefer photos or long, written posts?

P.S. Right now we’re travelling in the Azorean Islands of Portugal, but I ‘ve saved up some drafts to post while we’re travelling. So you can still expect new material while we’re on our journey.


27 thoughts on “One year has passed…

  1. Your photos and written blogs are great. I hope you keep doing both of them. I’ll be following your blog no matter what, but I’d love to see both. Interesting what you wrote about the Norwegians vs. English-speaking audiences. I’d have thought just the opposite. But then, I’m an American-Dane who thinks all Nordics must be interesting :-). We’re the lucky ones who get your posts in English!

  2. ‘hahaha’ – like the old Danish author, poet, actor, artist and much more Robert Storm Petersen said, “Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it” – they do in Denmark and they do in Norway too – just to talk about the weather … πŸ˜‰

    I’ve been here on WP for 8-9 months and could be the beginning of like many of your photos – you were Norwegian was not negative, had read many of your stuff even though they were in norwegian – feel great pleasure in you “bandits” up there – many Norwegians are very good at english and french, I know from my contacts and partners in these 3 countries – funny enough so discuss many danes and norwegians very friendly whom of us speaks most foulish – I think we both nations are great in “dirty talks”… ‘hahaha’

    Enjoy really your blog… πŸ˜‰

  3. Excellent post and congrats on the year! I prefer the like button myself, because I quite often like something, but don’t know how to express it/ am too tired to make a comment. But each to their own. As far as your posts go – I like the mix you’ve come up with so far (so a big fat compromise from me πŸ™‚ ) Keep it up!

    • I see your point Richard: sometimes I’m also too tired/too busy to write a comment, but I’m willing to try my new life without the “like” button for a while. Perhaps I’ll fall back on the like-button again later on. It’s always hard to kick a habit.

  4. Hey! Where’s the like button? Ha! Just kidding!! I agree about that; I think a lot of folk scan down and hit like just because. I think some people feel obligated just because they are following your blog…But then again, when I get a comment that says “good job” I feel like a kid in school getting a teacher’s comment across the top of my assignment. I have honestly quit hitting like on a blog I follow if I don’t like it.
    And as for you, Mr. CG, I like both your photos and your writing, so I hope you do a mix.

    • Yes, I remember that you mentioned the “like”-situation in a comment in your blog once. I don’t remember your exact words, but the meaning was: “sometimes I think that people don’t know what they ‘liked, they just click it to click it'”, and after I read your comment I realized that you’re right.

  5. Oh you’re making me feel like such a slacker! lol I’ve been on my blog since March 2011 and I haven’t have cracked 100 posts, another girl I read started the month after me and she just posted her 200th post too, lol! And both of you are always putting out quality posts too, oh well – I guess I’ll either have to step it up or suck it up πŸ˜‰ keep up the good work, I have really been enjoying your photography and writing!

    • You don’t post that often, but you always keep a high standard on your posts: they’re always well articulated and often they come with many photos and explanations (like your recipes for example).
      It’s true what they say that it’s not always quantity that’s important, but quality – and your blog is definitely quality.

  6. I KNEW IT … It had to be Acores πŸ™‚ I am not Norwegian or conformist you know that by now, but I do agree with everything you said. I was never a digital dog in your corner :D. You crack me up. What do I like to read here – everything – short photo blogs, longer engaging posts.. you know why… it’s because you know how to write and make things interesting and your English is impecable and I dont have to struggle to figure out what the hell what he talking about ;). Whatever you do I hope that it will bring joy to you and your readers. I will continue appearing here and not just pretending to like. πŸ˜€ Point well made CG!!!

  7. Cardinal, it’s your blog to do with what you want to but I can’t imagine you settling into a formulaic routine of predictability and I hope you don’t – I enjoy your eclectic mix, you do it all so well!

    As for that “Like” button, my jury is still out on this vexed question. I sometimes press like, think about a comment to write then the phone rings, or someone wants me to do something and I have to remember to go back again and plug back into the post.
    Some bloggers NEVER reply to ANY comments, some never reply to mine . . . and then I begin to feel like the wilting wallflower at the coolest party in town as in “who invited you anyway?” What to do?

    • I can’t imagine me settling into a formulaic routine either πŸ™‚ I already have my job and it’s just full of bloody routines… That’s more than enough actually!

      I always try to reply to all the comments, but sometimes I don’t have enough time and I’m thinking “I’ll do it later”, but then I forget all about it and suddenly I can discover un-replied comments days, weeks or even months later.
      To me, whenever people bother to write a comment in my blog, I feel that it’s (or rather that it should be) common courtesy to write a reply and perhaps also to have a look at the blog of whoever wrote the comment and leave a comment there. My impression is that most bloggers follow this train of thought, but I might be wrong.

  8. Hey Cardinal, congrats on one year of blogging. I totally identify with you about posting a single photo vs. the time it takes to craft a well-written post. I’ll do that also, and I’ve found that the photo posts do well on visual networks like StumbleUpon or Pinterest, whereas the link-rich writeups about current events tend to get more retweets & shares. So hey, hopefully that perspective might be useful to you. Keep up the good work.

  9. Congrats on your one year anniversary ! I am In favour of the Like button, although I know what you mean about the way it can’t be so that someone has actually read the post. Generally speaking, for those I “know” I feel it’s a quick way to say hello.

    Here’s to another year of posts. Cheers

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