Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

A beggar in Jerusalem

A beggar in Jerusalem

“When I get down to my last dime I’ll just walk over to skid row.”
“There are some real weirdos down there.”
“They’re everywhere.”
― Charles Bukowski, Ham on Rye

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39 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

  1. “I’m too old to figure out the rights and wrongs of everything” (Barbara Else in “The Travelling Restaurant”)… 😉

    I read a lot of books and will probably not be wiser but at least so I do no other casualties while… ‘hahaha’

  2. How can there be so much poverty in Jerusalem? It is a rich nation or so I thought. It certainly is culturally rich. Sad. Bukowski always simplifies everything. And, he’s right.

    • In Jerusalem there’s a lot of religious people that take the tora/bible/quran literally, so when it says “be fruitful and multiply” they get as many kids as they possibly can get, without having the means to support them.

      Both Israel’s National Insurance Institute and Jerusalem Center for Israeli Studies has reported that Jerusalem is the country’s poorest city. The unemployment rates in Jerusalem have always been higher than the country as a whole.

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  5. The younger ones who just sit there with their hand out generally annoy me – I wonder why can’t you get a job? I have a job – why should I work all day so I can give you money? But when I see the elderly like this I do feel quite sad, why isn’t any one taking care of them? You framed this photo so perfectly – it so accurately portrays the starkness of the reality.

    • They annoy me too, so I never give the young ones any money. Even if you give some beggars money, it doesn’t really help the situation: everything stays the same and nothing is changed.

      • I like it when they are doing something though, like playing an instrument – then at least they are providing a service and I feel like they are actually working a little bit you know? There is one guy here, of course he is an older guy too – but he has always been very cordial with me, and he draws pictures of boats and he sells them for his living. I have bought one once – and now if I see him I chat for a moment and if I have some spare change I give it to him and he goes off and buys a coffee, he’s very nice! But there was this younger guy at the bus stop today who was hustling for change under the premise that he needed bus fare, and most of us said no, but eventually he got enough money out of people and then he just left! He wasn’t even going to take the bus – he went around the corner into the pub! What a guy.

        • Around here the beggars are either junkies or gypsies. The gypsy women are begging while their men are pick pocketing; stealing people’s wallets & phones. They’re also into more serious crime like human trafficking & drugs.
          Some of the gypsies are also playing music on the streets, but according to the police it’s a way of ‘laundering’ money: so that if they are being pulled over by the police, they always claim that their money comes from begging.

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  7. Bukowski is one writer who seems to have something to say about everything. When it comes to quotable quotes, he is right up there with Oscar Wilde

  8. A thought provoking image.

    It’s tremendously painful to be aware of so much religious and cultural dissent in Jerusalem after literally thousands of years. It’s not suprising to see homelessness there too but it is adding insult to injury.

    • People tend to get educated in the wrong way, especially in jewish and islamic societies: religious education will get the world nowhere, and it won’t get you a job either…
      Luckily most jews are wise enough to be secular.

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