Phishing spammers stole my post

Spam fuckers trying to steal your WordPress account.

Spam fuckers trying to steal your WordPress account.

I didn’t want to spend time writing a post like this today, but it’s nice to post a warning to all my fellow bloggers out there. 

The spammers are getting more and more rude. Now they stole my post! Not only a picture or two, but the whole post! They stole it and published it in 3 different websites.

Once some blogger asked me why I watermark my photos: Some bloggers don’t like it when they see a post and the photos are watermarked. Well, that’s why: because people steal your text and your photos to market their own products. I’m not getting paid to blog, I’m not earning money by blogging and I don’t want other people to steal my shit to try to generate revenue for themselves.

Not only are these websites trying to generate revenue for themselves, they are also trying to steal your password & your WordPress account: In order to comment on the websites questioned, you need to log in. The log in looks exactly like the ordinary WordPress login (see illustration SpamFuckers01.jpg),  but it’s not.
They’re trying to get you to log in, and by doing so they successfully get your log in details (your username and password).

The spammers use as a platform, but I looked up the owners of the websites and all 3 sites are hosted through – a site famous for spam.

So, if you encounter this problem, make sure that you don’t leave any comments or try to log in.

Trying to redirect you to their site and make you believe it's the official WordPress site.

It looks like the official WordPress site, but it’s not. They are trying to redirect you to their site and steal your password.

The good news is: WordPress’ spam filter stopped them!


30 thoughts on “Phishing spammers stole my post

  1. WOW! I am new at blogging (Dec. 2011) and I still don’t know the in’s and out of it. Thanks for the warnings.


    • They stole my last post about biking in Oslo. Here’s one of their websites (I added space in their website adress so that they won’t get any trackbacks from my blog):
      cursedefinition. radioheva. net/919/trail-biking-in-oslo-cardinal-guzman/

  2. This happened to Rommel ( last month. Someone plgiarized every word and picture of one of his posts and reposted it under their blog, translating everything into their language. He discovered the theft by happenstance. A number of us followers helped him to convince them to delete the page, grow some balls and write their own posts.

    I’d rather not watermark my images. I already take some steps to make them appear to be of good quality on my blog while actually not being as crisp as the commercial source image but I may have to start watermarking everything now.

    What a lowdown dirty shame!

    • Yes, it’s shameful, or like Rommel puts it:

      Read it, like it, reply to it, reblog it, or follow it. Just please don’t steal it.

      The spammers that stole my post seems to be a combined phishing/marketing website. There’s lots of posts there, but I assume they have stolen all of them.

      I’ll keep watermarking my images. I didn’t watermark the photo on my last post, but they’ve been “decent” enough to name the source. If I email them to complain then my email will probably be bombarded by them afterwards, so I’ll just leave it…

  3. It ‘s absolutely bloody disgusting what these low-life spammers will do to get good material to use for their own gain. They obviously don’t have any creative skills themselves and so have to drop to these levels. Poor sods. Thanks for the warning, I shall keep a fast eye out from now on.

  4. I have found the wordpress handle on spam really good. I often look at posts in my spam folder and wonder if it really is spam, but then when I look at the site, you can tell it is. Great post will make sure I am more vigilant as well.

    • Yes, the akismet spamfilter works pretty well (too good sometimes).
      Today they stole my post (again) and posted it on a new site, but this time they really fucked up because they are also using the Disney World trademark, so I sent the lawyers at Disney an email. I can’t stop these guys, but Disney can.

      • Oh apparently Facebook feels entitled to your intellectual property – for instance, if you upload a picture on to facebook, since you aren’t paying them to use their service they feel like they should be allowed to use any of the pictures in any way they see fit – that’s why I removed my pictures from their servers. I understand they may still have copies some where and that irks me to no end but what can I do? A friend of mine said that one of his friend’s had her pictures used in an advertisement on facebook without her consent or prior knowledge and she was not compensated in any way – she was just clicking through facebook and all of a sudden her face popped up on an ad for something and she was like umm hey wait that’s me! Not cool.

  5. Thanks for the heads up! I once had someone steal a photo of mine, as me as the main subject. They cropped my head off, then, then put the head of a certain hostage at the time on my body!!! I was appalled and disgusted! I emailed them and contacted FB. This guy told me that he found the image on Google therefore it’s free to use! What a dolt. Also, we both happened to be in the same group for the freedom of said hostage, I asked him in that group where his morals and respect are for this hostage. That by chopping and adding a new head is an utter disgrace to this hostage and family! Oh, was I ever p-oed!

    • I had my head cropped off in India: I asked some random guy to take a photo of me and a bunch of Indians: when I developed the film later I had a picture of all of us, but with no heads!

  6. Absolutely ridiculous and shameful. I’m glad you were able to get some resolution out of this, but it doesn’t look like the problem will be going away anytime soon. It really underscores the importance of checking your spam queue — I’ve found legit comments there on more than one occasion, so there’s another reason. Say, how do you watermark your images?

    • Normally I use a fill layer as a pattern to watermark my photos, but sometimes I also throw my “logo” in there (I don’t really have a logo, but something similar).

  7. Douchebags. But I have to compliment WordPress on their blocking tools. I too have noticed they have stoned some of these bottom-feeders right in their tracks when I have reviewed my spam & pingbacks.

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