Spam fuckers trying to steal your WordPress account.
Spam fuckers trying to steal your WordPress account.

I didn’t want to spend time writing a post like this today, but it’s nice to post a warning to all my fellow bloggers out there. 

The spammers are getting more and more rude. Now they stole my post! Not only a picture or two, but the whole post! They stole it and published it in 3 different websites.

Once some blogger asked me why I watermark my photos: Some bloggers don’t like it when they see a post and the photos are watermarked. Well, that’s why: because people steal your text and your photos to market their own products. I’m not getting paid to blog, I’m not earning money by blogging and I don’t want other people to steal my shit to try to generate revenue for themselves.

Not only are these websites trying to generate revenue for themselves, they are also trying to steal your password & your WordPress account: In order to comment on the websites questioned, you need to log in. The log in looks exactly like the ordinary WordPress login (see illustration SpamFuckers01.jpg),  but it’s not.
They’re trying to get you to log in, and by doing so they successfully get your log in details (your username and password).

The spammers use as a platform, but I looked up the owners of the websites and all 3 sites are hosted through – a site famous for spam.

So, if you encounter this problem, make sure that you don’t leave any comments or try to log in.

Trying to redirect you to their site and make you believe it's the official WordPress site.
It looks like the official WordPress site, but it’s not. They are trying to redirect you to their site and steal your password.

The good news is: WordPress’ spam filter stopped them!