The Interior Decorator God

My headline can be a bit misleading, as he is technically not a God – only a deity, but here you have him: the most popular depiction of religious superheroes among the interior decorators of the world! It’s none other than Buddha himself!

Buddha: Technically not a God, but as close as one can get to being one according to some people.

Buddha: Technically not a God, but as close as one can get to being one according to some people.

Buddha: Technically not a God, but as close as one can get to ever being one (according to some people).

21 thoughts on “The Interior Decorator God

      • Where’s ‘here’, Cardinal G? I suppose it’s nice, in a way, though I fear a little trivialising. The Buddha didn’t want his followers to make images of him, afraid they would worship him, which he said was a mistake. I wonder what he would say if he knew his image had become a bit of a pop item?

        Here in Sri Lanka there was a bit of a furore a few years ago when photographs of one of these new, soooo plush villas for ‘foreigners’, revealed there were Buddha statues in the bathrooms. While at first they liked the idea of statues in the garden and living room, people were shocked at the apparent disrespect of putting a likeness of the revered one in the privy and not in some high, revered space in the house.

        On the other hand, we see statues all over the place. Little shrines pop up wherever a bodhi tree self seeds, or sometimes a landowner will carve off a piece of his property and put up an alter with a statue upon it, especially at a junction. We give directions by tree, or Buddha statue …

        • I have no idea what he would say. He probably wouldn’t like the idea of ending up like the God of Gay Interior Decorators of the Modern Western Capitalistic World.
          If he knew: he should have been smart enough to copyright his name & his face.

          The “modern” tales of Jesus and Muhammed is similar to the one about Buddha (and they’re all similar to previous tales about gods and deities):
          Jesus & Muhammed were both like: “Oh no, I’m just a regular Joe that’s talking to Dog, please don’t follow me (Jesus) or worship any imagery of me…(both Jesus & Muhammed – Muhammed according to the shites and not the shias – or was it the other way around? One of those groups don’t like Muhammed to be pictured, while the other group is fine with it)”.

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  2. Well I seem to have missed all the furor here until I read The Wanderlust Gene’s post this morning on Ganesha. Interesting thoughts flying around here.
    I am wondering how one “technically” becomes a God.

    • Good question which, of course, the internet (here represented by Wikipedia) can answer:
      – God usually refers to the single deity in monotheism or the monist deity in polytheism.[1] God is often conceived of as the supernatural creator and overseer of humans and the universe.
      -A deity (i/ˈdiː.ɨti/ or i/ˈdeɪ.ɨti/) is a being, natural, supernatural or preternatural, with superhuman powers or qualities, and who may be thought of as holy, divine, or sacred.

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