Musical Portrait

Just watched episode 310 on and picked up this awesome technique. If you’re into Photoshop I recommend that you check them out in one of their channels. These tips are not only for advanced photoshoppers – makes sure to incorporate easy tips & tricks as well.

Musical Portrait by

Musical Portrait by

To see how I made this picture, check out the program and you might learn something new as well. I promise you: it’s an easy technique.

You can also watch it on YouTube.

8 thoughts on “Musical Portrait

  1. I love the photo. It strongly conveys a mood.
    I’d never heard of and am looking forward to watching some of their videos, including the one you mentioned, so thanks for the heads-up and for the tutorial video link.

    • No problem. I’m glad that I discovered them myself. This was the first episode I ever watched and I’ll keep an eye out for their next episodes. Perhaps I’ll also check out some of their older episodes when I’ve got some extra time.

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