A beach, a bar and a girl in a black & white bikini

Mr. Frizz over at Flickrcomments.wordpress.com asked if anyone had a story or a short reflection to share, tagged with the letter “B”. It made me think of this story that unfolded on a sandy beach in India sometime around December/January 2004/05. This is a true story of a bar, a beautiful woman in a bikini and two written notes – one of which is directly related to the other. 

The beach in Tel Aviv is a great place to enjoy your day.

I didn’t have a photo of the beach in this story, so you’ll have to settle for this one instead: The beach in Tel Aviv is a great place to enjoy your day.

I was sitting there, in an outdoor bar on a small beach overlooking the Arabian Sea. On the beach there were a few restaurants, a couple of bars and a few guesthouses where you could rent a room in a coconut palm. The bartender stood behind the bar, gazing lazy over the beach. I sat sprawled by one of the tables, sipping to a drink that tasted and looked like a tiny chemical factory. Life went by in slow motion and no one seemed to be particularly bothered by it. Slow motion usually equals pleasure.

A stunningly beautiful woman came walking up the beach towards the bar. She had a nice tan and was wearing a black and white bikini that perfectly suited her hot, sexy body.

You could clearly tell that the bartender enjoyed serving her when she finally made it to the bar: sand is hard to walk around in and this was a warm day. She ordered some drinks and brought them back to her friends that were sunbathing somewhere down on the beach – nearly out of sight.

“Bartender, can I please borrow pen and paper?” I asked.

The bartender gave me a pen and a paper which I tore in two equal parts. I wrote down a message on each of the notes. When my drink/ small chemical plant was empty, I put the glass down and gave one of the notes to the bartender.

“Give this note to the woman who asks for it.” I instructed him.
“Which lady?” the bartender asked.
“The lady who asks for it.” I replied.

I paid for the drink and walked down the beach. The sand was so hot that it burned under the soles of the feet when I walked on it. It was a wonderful day. You could hear the sound of the small waves as they were constantly licking the lips of the sea.

I arrived where the girls sat. Four beautiful girls, spread out on their beach towels. One of the girls was the same girl who had been in the bar and bought drinks: the one with the black and white bikini, the nice tan and a great body.

“Here. The bartender asked me to give you this note,” I said,

while I handed her the note and continued my stroll down the beach. I walked down to the lips of the sea. You know, that area where the sand is wet and cooled by the waves. By walking on that part you avoid scorched foot soles…

Somewhere behind me a girl in a black & white bikini reads a note that says: “There’s a note for you in the bar” and, fueled by curiosity, she walks back to the bar where she asks the bartender about a note that awaits her arrival. I smiled to myself while I mulled over why human curiosity demands to be met.

The bartender hands her the note – I assume he still remembers that some customer gave him a note five minutes earlier with the instructions to give it to the girl that comes and asks for it.

The woman unfolds the note and reads the message that says:
“Haha. I made you walk all this way for nothing.”

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