Landscape photography: Valdres, Norway

Here’s a landscape photo that I shot in Valdres, Norway. If you want to see more landscape shots, add me on Google Plus.

from Leinesanden towards Vang

from Leinesanden towards Vang

The lake you see on the photo is Vangsmjøsa.

18 thoughts on “Landscape photography: Valdres, Norway

  1. Dramatic summer sky 🙂 Reminds me of some of the pics I took one rainy summer in Austria. You are already on google + so I will check the rest of the pics over there. Hey, CG, the fact that you are not allowed to leave a link on Daily post is not reason enough not to participate in weekly challenge (I think). I would have loved to see what you have to post for a “Fleeting moment” 😉

    • I don’t see the point in participating in a “digital social setting” were one isn’t welcome.
      Stay in touch on Google+, at least there’s freedom of speech there 😀
      Guess I’ll start posting more stuff there instead of here on WordPress.

      • I wanted to comment on your pics there (google +) but it wasn’t possible for me :S. If it means anything, you are on my blog page among 6 other people listed among “Blogs that I find inspiring”. I really appreciate your honesty and straighforwardness 🙂

        • To be able to comment on Google+ you need to add me to one of your circles. It’s flattering to hear that I’m on your “Inspiring-blog” 🙂
          Like I told you in an email: I’ll probably write a post about the censorship politics of WordPress.

  2. You were censored how/why? Haven’t taken the time to scope out Google+ yet, so it could be awhile.
    Amazing image…..

    • It turned out that I was never censored, but someone marked my comment as spam and that was enough for WordPress to ban me from commenting for a couple of weeks…
      It was pretty annoying while it lasted – especially since I’ve never spammed anyone!

  3. Sounds like some troll did it to you, not WordPress. Though it also sounds like they took their bloody time to straighten things out. Too bad.

    • It also threw me out of people’s “reader” (you know the one on WordPress), so people had no idea that I kept posting stuff, because they didn’t get any notifications.
      I nearly went over to blogger .com to start my blog there instead…

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