Don’t share your opinion here on WordPress

Just agree instead.

Just agree instead.

Someone kept spewing out links to their old post, so I went to this persons blog and told her that she was a click-whore: spewing out links to old posts, without even bothering to write a new post and link back to the site in question.

After that WordPress set my account in some spam-filter, so whenever I comment on someone’s blog I end up in their spam-filter (unless they have already un-spammed me). The same happens with trackbacks/pingbacks. I’ve had this confirmed by plenty of fellow-bloggers.
I wrote to akismet technical support, but after having filled out a form, it’s been nothing but silence from their part.

To me it seems like WordPress only want us bloggers to share our opinions if we are cozy and agree with each other. Even when people are semi-spammers – using their blog to sell some products via text related product placement and advertising, we’re supposed to only write nice things like: “ooh, great post”, “lovely photo” and suck up to each other.

Is it really like that? Are all you WordPress bloggers out there just a bunch of pussies that can’t handle a negative remark now and then?
Are you children that cannot be told the truth about the world, only fairy tales with happy endings?

Personally I prefer people with opinions, even if they don’t always correlate with mine.

Today it’s the 4th of July, and a perfect date to write a post about Freedom of Speech. Well, perhaps not here on WordPress- they might slip the digital handcuffs on you for sharing your opinion.

Like Patti so elegantly put it:
“I know comments sometimes slip into spam but I had no idea there was a Sheriff in WPTown ready to slip on the handcuffs for words against the grain. I always thought WP comments went to spam after too many being made by the user in a particular period of time. If that’s so then why on the stats page do they suggest “making comments” to get more traffic? Hope this is resolved soon and am looking forward to your honest comment and opinion getting out and about again!”

What’s your opinion? Can you handle criticism, or do you prefer WordPress to protect your fragile little mind?


EDIT:  Today I got a message from the support team that I was un-spammed.
So now I can end my drama queen shenanigans (for now), but I’ll be back: riding Rocinante while courageously fighting injustice & digital internet windmills!

“Do you see over yonder, friend Sancho, thirty or forty hulking giants? I intend to do battle with them and slay them.”  



60 thoughts on “Don’t share your opinion here on WordPress

  1. I can understand what you are saying, and spam is a pain in the ass. I myself have found followers in it. And to speak up against it is all great and should be so and allowed and accepted. But it would become a poor situation if people were condemning others post because we do not like. We cannot like everything, so I do not comment or like. But I would speak up against the spam and the crap. So I will say good post lets just speak together. And good luck, by the way you are not the only one i have read about with this problem…;)

    • Yes it seems like I’m not the only one affected by this…

      The most annoying thing is that I have several comments in people’s spam inbox, so it kills, or at least slows down, the possibilities of a discussion.

  2. I hear you … loud and clear, but I still want to believe that it was a coincidence. Just cannot believe that it is so [about the cosy and all that]! I’ve seen much worse around the blogosphere than your little comment.

    We’ll see what happens…

  3. Hope that there isn’t a post police here on WP. I do agree with cobbies69 that if we don’t like something, then just make no comment, and for god’s sake, don’t click the Like button. Sometimes I have to wonder if everyone spins through a post and clicks Like whether they do or not just to keep followers. It would be refreshing to get honest critiques that are given in a nice way. But posting spam? That’s another story.

    • Spam has nothing to do with it actually, because I’ve never posted any spam, but still WordPress decided to put my account on spam-moderation.

      I believe that people should say what they think, even if it’s something they don’t like. In fact I much rather get critique on my photos/posts, so that I can improve for the next post.
      I’m not a child and I can handle critisism and I believe most other bloggers out there can as well.

      If people didn’t speak up, nothing would ever change.

  4. This is most unfortunate! I’d rather all the spam on my blog gets published that missing out on a few genuine comments because of their crazy filters.
    As for negative comments, what’s life without a little spice? I don’t have a sweet tooth. 😛

  5. I can’t say i am surprised, there are “bots” searching for certain formulae of words which then intervene automatically in some particular way. even in apparently closed systems like dropbox it is always best to guard ones words. i think you already know this!! thanks for post and photos 😀

    • Thanks for spreading the word via your pin 🙂

      Are you suggesting that a bot picked up the word “whore” and immediately threw my account into the deep abyss where the spammers are sentenced to dwell?

      Well, if WordPress’ wants their bots to impose Christian fanatical moralism via grammar/linguistics I think that we, the bloggers, deserve to get a fair warning first.

  6. I like the truth and appreciate it. And after all the truth doesn’t have to be written in a nasty tone, it can be put diplomatically. I have wondered on a couple of occasions why I had to retrieve your comments out of my spam filter – and they were very positive comments. I think the very least WordPress could have done was to write to you if they thought your comment to the ‘click-whore’ was unacceptable, rather than sending your comments into spam boxes. I remember wondering why your comments were in there and feeling quite bad that I hadn’t noticed them – and hence not thanked you! A good post CG.:)

    • Thanks. The way it works now is that WordPress is the big fascist/communist government that are here to govern us and decide what we’re allowed to say and what not.

      If you don’t follow the regulations set by the ruling class, the spam-filter awaits you.

  7. for two days straight all my comments no matter what i said or wrote in others blogs went into their spam zone…and i had to contact them to look into their spam folder to unspam my comments but that was just a coincidence..
    but very irritating no doubt

  8. Is it three weeks already??? Gosh!!
    You already know what I think about this whole mess… I applaud to this post, and I wish some of the WP team would read it and take it into consideration. Having a blog is a place to express oneself and one’s opinions, and of course there is no place for censorship here. If it were discrimination or hate talk, I would have understood it, but this is just silly.. You have my vote and support!

    • It’s 3 weeks since they put my account on moderation (or, alternatively since my account suddenly & magically experienced technical problems regarding comments) and it’s been more than a week since I filed the complaint form.
      Thanks for the support.
      At least I can still blog here and comment on the blogs that have un-spammed me, so I guess I can’t say that I’m totally silenced by the Sheriff at WordPress 🙂

      • They will not be able to silence you :).. I guess they don’t want to lose members altogether ;). I am hopeful this will be resolved soon… if you experience some silence from me in the forthcoming days it is cause of my holidays. Please, let me know when they resolve your problem… I have un-spammed you the minute you wrote, so you have plenty of room to do so ;). Good luck CG!

          • 😀 Ah, ain’t that a shame :D. I noticed you had used an F word in your car moving post and they did not ban you!! Are they letting their guards down? 😉

          • Paula: Apparently the fact that ONE (!!) blogger marked me as spam was enough to turn my online life into a monologue for the next month: My frisky language & colorful adjectives had nothing to do with it.

  9. Hmmm! I was aware that WordPress is blocked in some countries for various reasons. Judging from my hit map I’d guess China blocks WordPress. At one time Turkey did because one blogger pointed out the nonsense spewed by one well connected Turkish Muslim creationist. I was not aware that we are also being watched by lame nannies that wet their diapers upon reading harsh language. Refusing to be squelched by censors was my primary motivation for producing “downloadable” versions of my blog. Everything I’ve written can be downloaded in a number of forms, PDF, EPUB, MOBI and distributed and copied by readers at will.

    • unfortunately we are are also being

      “watched by lame nannies that wet their diapers upon reading harsh language.”

      . Anonymous nannies with power to silence the people, kind of like in the old communist-/fascist states.

  10. Sorry to read about your struggles with WP and its spam blocker. I appreciate the spam filter, which I check regularly, because I get a lot of genuine spam. However, I was under the impression that it took some threshold of repeated obnoxiousness before someone’s comments were labeled as spam. To learn that it might only take one “questionable” comment or one person to click the “spam” option before all one’s comments are considered spam is eye-opening and disheartening. Also, I’m fine with genuine comments, positive or negative, I just don’t like people trying to post nonrelavant links or gibberish text. I hope your problem is resolved soon.

  11. I just checked my spam folder after read this and found that your very recent comment to one of my posts been stored into.

  12. That’s pretty ridiculous. I would agree with you in that they really probably don’t care about the nuances or context, and just prefer everyone to get along. I dunno. I think we all post things that we’re willing to defend, so if someone says something offensive or whatever, it wouldn’t really change anything except make them look petty. If you’re not, there’s no sense in posting, you know?

    But yeah, I spent my 4th of July getting harrassed by a Sheriff for taking pictures of an abandoned parking lot. Not trespassing, not damaging anything, even showed him the pictures! Ran me off and ran my license plate number. Quite ridiculous actually. I used to enjoy doing urbex, but it’s not worth it anymore. At least State-side.

    Point being, freedom at this point in most situations, only exists on ‘safe’ ground.

  13. I’m wondering if C-W reported your comment to WP . . . but then if you read some of the comments on the Off Topic Forum which is no place for fragile little minds to wander into before they get their heads blown off there . . .
    And for sheer entertainment value you can’t beat the coziness of Fresh Pressed love!
    Your comments are now out of jail. Run Cardinal, run!

    • My period dwelling in the deep abyss with the spammers are now history. Today the support team cut my shakles and set my delicate mind free, so that I once again can ride out in the sunset, on Rocinante, to help de La Mancha in his mission to fight the digital windmills!

  14. Gosh…I never thought there existed a sense-less censorship in WP as well. I appreciate you for writing about it and frankly I was bit uneasy to see a few of my readers’ comments being put in the spam folder without my knowledge. 3 weeks is hell lot of a time to review their moderation and it is disturbing to see their laxity in reviewing “borrowed stuff” rather than spamming out speakers.

  15. I found your comment in my spam filter (which I check every time I check my comments.) I have written a few blog posts about WordPress actions I don’t agree with, as well as letting the Happiness Engineers know of my displeasure. I expect I will never be Freshly Pressed as a result…

  16. Bastards for sending your comments to spam! She does indeed sound like a “click-whore” as you put it! 🙂 I hope I have set your comments as “non-spam”, fingers crossed anyway!

        • This time it paid off, or perhaps it was just a coincidence? I would like to believe that it paid off being a little drama queen here in my little corner of the internet.
          If I misbehave any further I might risk being hung up in the internet gallow…

          • heh heh.. Well sometimes we just have to misbehave, that’s all there is to it! 🙂

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  19. Interesting post, Cardinal. I link to this from one I recently did. And you’re not the only person this has happened to, apparently. A commenter on my site emailed me once to have me un-spam a comment, since all of this person’s automatically went there. And congrats on being sprung! Was it Askimet support or WordPress that released you?

    • Thanks. It was akismet support that gave me my freedom. it seem to me like all this started because 1 person marked my comments as spam. You should think that it took at least, I don’t know, something like 5 or 10 different sources to mark you as spam.

      I’ve written a lot of comments the last 3-4 weeks that are probably still hiding in peoples spam folders, waiting to be un-spammed…

      Interestingly enough I also found your pingback (from in my spam folder, but I immidiately un-spammed and approved it.

  20. So that’s what happened! That’s crazy :O I wonder how you got knocked off my friend’s list though, because I certainly didn’t remove you and no one else has access to my account – weird stuff happens on here a lot I am thinking. In fact one day I logged in and MY account was deactivated! I wrote to them and asked wth?! And they said oh sorry, our automated spambot flagged you as being a spammer, and I said umm how? I post maybe once a week? I have less than 20 followers, I’m not fighting with anyone, I’m not even following that many people, I don’t comment on THAT many blogs and when I do I’m polite so how? The most offensive posts I think I’ve ever made (and this would have to be stretching the definition of the world offensive) would have to be those eco friendly ones I did… so I hear you, it is a strange place sometimes for as much as I do like it.

    • Well, those eco friendly posts can be rather offensive: all these hippies with all their environment and stuff, coming here & trying to mess with the revenue base for all us ultra-rich.
      God damn hippies!

  21. I noticed this! I saw that a couple of your comments to Modes of Flight wound up spam filtered. I seldom check the filter cache so I fortunately found your and pulled them out. Until now, I didn’t know why that happened. I’ve also been following your blog for quite some time and I’ve noticed that I’m no longer automatically updated when you make posts. Even though my WP toolbar still shows that I’m “Following” this blog, I have to periodically come back here on my own to see what new posts you put up.

    I heard of this happening to people who had a Blogger and Blogspot accounts. When they were flagged or shut down by the server administrators, they opened up new blogs on WP (surprise! surprise!) and posted complaints about their former hosts.

    Anyway, I can take criticism as long as it’s truly constructive. I know, some people are overly sensetive to even that so others are left not knowing just how far they can go with their criticisms without igniting WW III. They either only say kind things or nothing at all. It’s not a bad thing really but it doesn’t give someone another’s true perspective and advice; especially when the advice is dispenced freely (a rarety in this old world). Constructive criticism is as necessary as wholehearted encouragement. Either is not supposed to be fake.

    I’m guessing that WP is following Facebook’s example or vice versa. You may have an account or site on their server but it is still their server, so they have the right to govern some of your conduct. It appears, from your description, that they took issue when you confronted the other blogger/spammer on her blog, not just your own.

    For example, there are unfortunately some semi-popular white supremacist blogs hosted on WP’s servers. It seems that they haven’t been interferred with because the racist, anti-Semitic, xenophobic, homophobic and sexist hate-speech they spew out is contained to the blogger’s pages. You have to go there to be insulted. You won’t be otherwise. I suspect; however, that WP might hopefully take more decisive action against those bloggers if they chose to propagate their bullshit on your blog, even though WP does provides you with the power to censor or totally strike out the abuser’s comments.

    All I can say is that you haven’t offended me yet so I’m still following you and accepting your comments. Well, trying to at least.

    • It just because I haven’t gotten around to offending you yet: I’m still planning some good insults 😀 (kidding of course).

      Well, it turned out that WP wasn’t actually censoring me — it was just me being a drama queen, but they had marked my account as spam because one blogger obviously couldn’t handle my critisism.
      Personally I think we should get at least one warning before being arrested by the spam police, but now that I’m out of the abyss were spammers dwell I’m just glad it’s all over.

      It’s interesting that you’re no longer automatically updated when I make posts: I’ve heard the same from a woman that’s been following me, but I didn’t make the connection to this spam episode.
      So, when WP blocked my account, probably they also blocked me from the “Blogs I Follow” in the reader…

      A funny thing is that when the whole thing was going on I emailed one blogger that I used to follow and explained to him that I had comments in his spam folder. He emailed me back and agreed that it was a horrible situation.
      But, he didn’t un-spam my comments! I can’t remember exactly now, but my comments were critical light, something like this: “I like picture A better than picture B, because the composition is better and it’s not your usual style of photographing.

      So I guess I’ve learned that I should be careful so I don’t end up in the spam filter again.

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