Life On Mars?

Ok, so it's not Mars - it's Iceland, but Iceland surely seems like another planet!

Ok, so it’s not Mars – it’s Iceland, but Iceland surely seems like another planet!

“Life on Mars?” is a song by David Bowie first released in 1971 on the album Hunky Dory and also released as a single. BBC Radio later called it “a cross between a Broadway musical and a Salvador Dalí painting” – a description that can also be suitable for Iceland were this photo was taken.
Did you know that the word geyser comes from the old norse verb geysa? The phenomenon geysir is named after the great Geysir in Iceland, thereby naming all they geysers in the world.

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24 thoughts on “Life On Mars?

    • Yes, definitely. It’s 3 photo layers and one brightness/contrast layer. The day of shooting was extremely gray, rainy and foggy – like so many other days on Iceland.

  1. Love the post CG, love the pic and luv the song 😀
    Will you be going out on the street for the latest challenge??? I said Scr#w u and posted a different setting….ooops

    • It doesn’t seem like I’m welcome over at the anymore. They didn’t appreciate me sharing my opinions, so my comments are marked as spam and so are my pingbacks.
      The WordPress policy seems to be:
      “Freedom of speech? Yes, as long as you say something nice, agree with people and don’t come with critisism.”

      I guess WordPress is just following the new American way: “if you say something we don’t like, we will silence you.”

      • You had two comments in WP Jail! I know comments sometimes slip into spam but I had no idea there was a Sheriff in WPTown ready to slip on the handcuffs for words
        against the grain. I always thought WP comments went to spam after too many being made by the user in a particular period of time. If that’s so then why on the stats page do they suggest “making comments” to get more traffic?
        Hope this is resolved soon and am looking forward to your honest comment and opinion getting out and about again!

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