Photo Challenge: Create – Circa Loka

Alex Jangle is a Norwegian DJ that’s playing & producing house music: a genre of electronic dance music that originated in Chicago in the early 1980s. Within this genre Mr. Jangle is, according to himself, playing “deep house, tech house, deep tech, etc, etc”.

Original Circus Ticket

Original Circus Ticket

This weekend Alex and some other Dj’s from the house music scene in Oslo is arranging a party on a ship. So they asked me to do the graphic design and create tickets for the event. As with a stroke of luck the theme for the Weekly Photo Challenge this week is “Create”, which gives me a perfect opportunity to share the result of this creative process. The ticket is made from a picture of an old circus ticket that I found online and I’ve used Photoshop to alter the info  & increase the resolution.

The ticket has print on both sides, so on the back of the ticket there’s a map showing the location where the boat will start.

Circa Loka Boat Party Ticket (click for large)

If you want to check out the music that Alex Jangle creates, you can check out his account on soundcloud, or you can read more about him at the website of Troll Records.

Now, here’s a few photos from a party that Alex & I attended on a ship yesterday. A ship creates a perfect scenery for a good party, especially when the weather is good:

The ropes at a sail ship on the Oslo Fjord

The ropes at a sailship on the Oslo Fjord

Wine, sun & sea - a perfect combination.

Wine, sun & sea – a perfect combination.

Sun is setting over the Oslo Fjord

Sun is setting over the Oslo Fjord

Wooden sail boat, but there was no wind so we ran on horsepower.

Wooden sail boat, but there was no wind so we ran on horsepower.

Perfect scenery for a party

Perfect scenery for a party

Ropes hanging on the mast

Ropes hanging on the mast

The sun was setting as we returned to Oslo city centre.

The sun was setting as we returned to Oslo’s city centre.


46 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Create – Circa Loka

  1. Perfect take on the challenge … it looks nice.

    Those pictures from the boat are fabulous! I loved them all, but the dark one with the glasses on the table was special.

  2. Hi again CG 🙂 I hate censorships and as a sign of my support I rated this post of yours :D. I love what you did with the ticket design, and the photos are very evocative. My favourite is the first one of ropes…. And you are right: sun, sea and wine… it can’t get much better than that 🙂

    • Thanks for the support Paula 🙂
      Glad you like the ticket.
      I’ve emailed some of the bloggers where I usually write comments and asked them to check their spam-filter.
      The sun, sea and wine is the best combination. We also had shrimps, which doesn’t hurt either. The boat party is today, but I think I’ll stay at home, shoot some photos, clean the house and do other chores..

  3. Wow! Live this post, I’ll check out the DJ. All this time here in Norway and the first time I hear about a DJ within the mentioned genres. Usually it is very commercial music. Grrreat! Been looking for that…thanx for the tip.

    • There’s a link to soundcloud in the article, you can check it out there. Jangle often plays at the clubs The Villa and Jaeger in Oslo, so if you keep an eye on their schedule you can go there for a live experience.

  4. amazing post…the ticket, the sun,ropes and the description….lovely!!

    it is always a treat to visit your blog 😉

  5. That ticket is amazing, you really captured the whole vintage feel while still retaining the overall theme of the original look the ticket – very nice! The pictures are very good too, very creative and innovative angles and good lighting.

    • The photos were shot with my “Drunk Camera” Canon Ixus 130. Even though it’s a pocket camera / point & shoot camera (or drunken camera as I refer to it) I try to think about angles and such while shooting. Thanks for noticing 🙂

      It was fun to make the flyer for the party. I was invited but ended up staying at home (laziness got to me). There’s a video clip from the boat on YouTube.

  6. Hrm, thought I left a comment on this the other night. Guess not!

    I like the design, very clever and nice shop work. Sort of reminds me of some of those old school flyers for Nasa, (those rave parody flyers) 🙂

    Great pics too. Dig the vertical rope & mast shot, great perspective and nice DoF.

    • Thanks Robert. It was fun to make the flyer for this party. Originally they asked someone else about it, but they said that it wasn’t possible because of the low resolution on the original ticket.
      I guess I proved them wrong 🙂
      Hopefully they’ll ask me to do more ticket design for their parties in the future.

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  8. outstanding photos, I love the rope too..up close and personal. I had no camera for challenge for so long. Thanks for following me and I look forward to seeing your daily, weekly photos. I do security full time and attend collage: 46. Your newest fan, Jackie Paulson

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