Mall Reflections

Caught these reflections at the mall.

21 thoughts on “Mall Reflections

    • Thanks. I wrote a comment on your “quit-smoking post”, but WordPress have started a campaign to censor me, so I’m probably in your spam filter (that’s where I end up on most blogs these days after I pissed off WordPress by actually sharing my opinion in the comment field of last weeks Weekly Photo Challenge) .

      • Ahha! I found those comments and you’re right they were in my spam. I clicked not spam so maybe that wont happen again 🙂 Thanks for letting me know. Don’t let them censor you!! Rebel!

      • Haha. Come over again and this time you’ll meet a kick-ass one from Delhi 😀

        I messed up things with a friend in Bangalore so more time was spent arguing than actually visiting interesting places. Maybe I’ll visit again someday 🙂

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