Tel Aviv Street Art 01

I know that most of you like graffiti. In Tel Aviv there are lots of it. Most of these are shot near Yafo.

Yafo, Tel Aviv

Yafo, Tel Aviv

19 thoughts on “Tel Aviv Street Art 01

    • Yafo is definitely a special place. I’ll post some more decent photos of the surroundings later on. If you want to see other photos from Tel Aviv you can have a look at my recent posts, there’s a bunch of street photography from TLV there 🙂

  1. I love this style of graffiti. It’s ART! Unlike the gang gibberish and writings that I can’t seem to understand , ugh! I guess all in all it’s all art huh? Oh well, these are nice! I’ve some on my computer from the big city I need to share later! 🙂

    • I don’t like the gang gibberish and writings either. It reminds of dogs: taking a small piss on every corner (a piss with their spray can) just to mark territory.

      • Love the dog reference you did there, I know a dog like that. IT MAKES MY BLOOD BOIL! haha

  2. Thanks for the series… The photos were quite different from what I imagined… I guess I’ve seen too many shots of Jerusalem and also of areas of warring. TY!

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