Street photo from Israel 03

Graffiti in Tel Aviv. Obviously a spin on the Last Supper of Christ. Can you recognize all the people? Marx, Einstein.. Who else?

Tel Aviv grafitti

Famous Jews: Tel Aviv graffiti

I’m thinking about buying a new DSLR camera. Most likely I’ll stick to Canon.
Any tips from the readers? EOS 5D? 600D? 60D?
Which camera do you prefer/recommend and why?

Who are these guys?

Who are these guys?

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19 thoughts on “Street photo from Israel 03

  1. How extremely cool!!! Were there more people outside the photo too?
    David Ben Gurion sits next to the woman on the right. I vaguely recognize the guy with the beard to the far right, but I’m not sure…
    That wall would have been an interesting object for doing one of those panoramic photos where you stitch them together..

    • Panoramic? Good idea! I’ll do that next time I’m at the beach/going to Yafo.
      I didn’t get the whole piece onto one photo, so there’s parts missing from this picture… It would have been easier to see with a panoramic image 🙂
      David Ben Gurion. Well spotted!
      I wonder if #4 from the left might be either Eliezer Ben-Yehuda or Chaim Weizmann?

      • looking at him now … can’t say — could be either one of those two..
        But all the others?! The guy in yellow, the woman with the long hair?
        You need to go back to that wall!!! LOL
        There was a photo editor that came with the computer, that did a marvellous job on that stitching thing. I took some murals here too, and they came out good, even though I wasn’t holding the camera exactly straight..

        • I believe the beardy guy on the right is Hertzl. There’s a stich assist thing on my Canon Ixus pocket camera. Photoshop also has some great stitching assistance for those panoramic images.
          I was something like 6 minutes walk further down the beach today (the grafitti is on the beach of Tel Aviv, near Yafo), but we were in a hurry so I couldn’t get new shots…

  2. I think one of them is Fidel Castro isn’t it?
    About the DSLR camera I got 600D last year. I’m very happy with it and it’s cheaper than the others. But it depends on how and what you would use it for. For my perspective, you have enough with this 600D 🙂

    • So we have the same camera 🙂 Went to the shop and bought a Canon 600D on sunday (or Yom Rishon like they call it here).
      At first I was thinking about buying 60d, but they didn’t have it.
      I borrowed a used Canon Eos 5D over the weekend, but the 5D was totally overkill for my use. I think I got a lot of camera for the money and the prize allowed me to spend some extra cash on a lense.

      I don’t think Castro is in the picture. I believe the guy on the right must be Theodor Hertzl.

  3. My guess on these ‘famous Jewish guys’ is:
    (L to R): Baruch Spinoza, Karl Marx, Sigmund Freun, Golda Meier, Einstein, David Ben Gurion and Theodor Herzl.
    Why Spinoza? The character is pictured as a 17th Century Dutch intellectual. The most famous such Dutch Jew was Spinoza, the ‘first Jewish atheist’.

    • Very good Ken! I think you’re right on your guess. The first jewish atheist, that’s a cool title! A lot of people say that Einstein also was an atheist.

  4. I assume the admiring younger women are perhaps film stars or just unknown admirers of this galaxy. Some people have critiqued this piece because of its resemblance to the Last Supper by Da Vinci. So what? Ideas like this can’t be patented, can they?

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