A day in Oslo – part 3

Here’s the last post in the series. If you think it’s too much, don’t blame me! It all started with Sara Rosso over at the dailypost.wordpress.com. She asked us to take a photo and post it on the same day. This led me onto my bicycle, armed with my camera, shooting away at everything and nothing. All in all 3 posts. I’ve already posted a bunch of photos in the two previous posts, and this is the third and last. I’ve also thrown in a YouTube clip to showcase some of the diversity of the Music festival that was held in Oslo on Saturday the 2nd of June.

The first post in this series was posted on Saturday the 02 June as a part of the WordPress weekly photo challenge. Here are the rest of the photos from that day:

16 thoughts on “A day in Oslo – part 3

  1. All nice pictures, loved to see Oslo! Cool chest you got! Sometimes we have stuff we want to get rid of … I put it in the garbage area down in the parking garage, with a note on it and like fifteen minutes later it’s always gone 😀

  2. More excellent photos 🙂 that Rolls especially is gorgeous! That chest is quite the find too – people here would pay top dollar for an antique chest like that and someone there just put it out for free, that’s amazing! Good find 😉

    • There was some other cool furnitures there too, but since I was on my bike I couldn’t bring the other stuff. It was quite a hassle to bring the chest home on the bicycle and the other furnitures probably wouldn’t fit in our tiny apartment anyway, but I’m very pleased with the find 🙂
      All in all I must say that it was a rewarding and lovely day.

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  4. Loved all the shots specially the chest.oh that is one handsome chest i would have picked it up if i had seen it too….how old is it…was it empty..

    loved the video..that restaurent and the stream near and so many people around eating enjoying life..the place is so vibrant so alive so beautiful

    • The chest was empty, except for some dust. I have no idea how old it can be, but on the inside it’s covered by some old wallpaper of what appears to be Dutch design, and the original lid support has been replaced.

      The place by the river is a bar/concert place where they also sell some bar food like burgers and stuff. The guests didn’t seem to enjoy the band, but on this day there are several bands playing after each other on each stage. So each band plays a short concert before the next band is up. All in all there was several hundred concerts on 36 stages throughout the day.

  5. That chest is a treasure! I saw a 400-year old bright blue one at a friend’s place sometime back. Sadly, wasn’t carrying my camera. Will have to visit again.

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