A day in Oslo – part 2

This is the continuation of yesterdays post where I went around in Oslo on my bike and pictured things, not paying attention to photographic nerdy stuff like composition, cropping or anything else.
All these photos were shot on Saturday 02 June in Oslo as a project inspired by Miss/Mrs Rosso over at the dailypost.wordpress.com.

27 thoughts on “A day in Oslo – part 2

    • Yes, there’s some great grafitti there. All the landlords and shop owners in the neighborhood are complaining about it, because a lot of people that use the grafitti wall also spray their tags on shops and buildings nearby.

  1. Great to get to take this trip around Oslo! So many different areas and environments. The allotments look nice … those little wooden houses!

    • Still there’s many places that I haven’t covered. I guess I’ll post some similar posts later to cover other parts of the city as well.
      As I was riding through the city it crossed my mind that I should write a post about Akershus Fortress.

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