Today: a day in Oslo – part 1

There’s a whole lot of photos in this post. The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge this week is “Today”. Sara Rosso over at WordPress wrote:

“No rules or guidance on what to post other than the photo must be taken today! Don’t cheat, don’t go into your photo archives on your computer, don’t link to an old post. Get your camera out, right now, and snap a picture to share with everyone!”

Inspired by Miss/Mrs Rosso’s words I decided to make a project out of it, so I brought my digital pocket camera, got on my bike and documented parts of Saturday 02. June 2012 in Oslo. Luckily there was a lot of outdoor concerts around the city today – an annual event called “Musikk Fest”, in addition to Farmers market at Birkelunden, Grünerløkka plus some environmental festival thingy in the Sofienberg park.

I was on my bike, hastily speeding from place to place and didn’t pay to much attention to photographic nerdy things like composition, cropping or anything else. These photos are point, click & move on – nothing more, nothing less.

I really liked this challenge, especially the fact that Miss/Mrs. Rosso tells people to cough up some new material! Very often in these photo challenges you see lazy ass bloggers/click-whores that are in it just for the extra visits to their blogs.
Some people don’t even bother to write a new post or to link back to the photo challenge or other posts- they just post a link one of their random, ancient posts.
Well, today they can’t do that…

I shot more than 100 photos, so I’ll have to split them into several posts.
More photos will come tomorrow.

49 thoughts on “Today: a day in Oslo – part 1

  1. I think that was a brilliant take on this week’s challenge! Truly enjoyed following your bike ride through Oslo … especially as I’ve never been there.

    I, too, liked this ‘today-challenge’. It didn’t come up until it was late afternoon here — I shoot pictures every day, so I chose one of that day’s batch. The other times, I can’t say that I’ve gone out and shot something according to the challenge … instead I’ve looked in my albums, unless some picture immediately pops up in my mind.

    I like the photo challenge here in WordPress, because I think it’s a great way to connect with bloggers I perhaps wouldn’t have met otherwise, apart from seeing a lot of great photography. Friday nights, I usually click my way through the comments there in the DailyPost page.

    • It is definitely a great way to connect & interact with other bloggers!
      Most of the blogs that I follow and interact with is thanks to the WPC.

      The challenge came up here in the afternoon, but I was just home from work and didn’t have the energy to do anything about it. Normally I would do like you (and most others I guess) and find something from my albums.

      I often click through and have a look at all the other participants posts (if they have bothered to link back to WordPress so that they are on the trackback list in the DailyPost page), but I’ve stopped visiting posts from bloggers that just throw in a link to some of their old posts: If people are only in it for the stats, I’m not gonna feed their ego.

  2. Great collection of shots that really gave me a sense of Oslo, I especially like the graffiti walls and the blue building. I enjoyed the fact that this theme forced us all to actually get out and take some photographs. I also agree with you re bloggers chasing visits to their blogs.

    • Thanks Cinova.
      I’ll update the photos with some information now, last night I had to post before midnight in order to make the “today” deadline.
      Good to hear that both you and Robin agree with me on the bloggers chasing visits 🙂

    • Yes, this is the real deal. No fancy settings, no posing techniques, no f-stop blah, blah or anything. Just point & shoot. I even had my shades on while I took the shots, so the first 10-15 photos were totally over-exposed because the camera was set to 1600 ISO and I didn’t even notice! 😀

    • Thanks Jeff. You know that the first time I visited your site I read the link as “Jeff’s in on photography” instead of Jeff Sinon Photography.

      What?!? Jeff’s in on it too?!


    • It’s from the second hand market at Grønland. Every saturday there’s a second hand market under the bridge at Grønland where they sell all kinds of stuff.
      The police have several times warned against this market, bacuse people sell a lot of stolen goods there. There’s also a lot of illegal immigrants there that are selling drugs & cigarettes.

    • That’s the mosque in Åkebergveien behind the prison & police station. I’ll update the photos with information now. I couldn’t do it last night because I had to post before midnight in order to make the “today” deadline.

  3. A great set of photographs. I’ve come to realise that my little compact is great for those quick shots, especially in towns….and you don’t get the same hassle as you will when you bring out that big black DSLR

    • I know! If I had brought my DSLR on this trip I wouldn’t have many photos afterwards, because my camera would be in it’s bag, inside a backback and on my back most of the time. The small compacts can be really great to bring around. Perhaps your options are reduced, but at least the camera is easy accessible.

  4. Love the death trap car. Electric cars are just so dang cute. I live on an island so they work well here. End to end is only 16 miles. Mostly a bike is enough;-) My best shots happen when I have my little digital with me at all times. That’s the key and this challenge helped!

    • The death trap car looks like it has a lot of space for it’s size.
      I always carry my little camera with me! You never know when you’ll see the perfect motive. I loved the challenge this week.
      Would be great if people always posted new photos for the challenges.

    • Happy to hear that Miss Bryant 😀
      Keep your eyes open for more stuff during the end of this week/next week: the photos from Israel season is about to start.

  5. What a wonderfully sunny day you got for the challenge too! I enjoyed the humorous commentary on a lot of the pictures as well 😉 nice work.

  6. This is a great collection of photos. I’ve never been to Oslo and really enjoyed reading all 3 parts. It felt like I had kinda gone on a bike tour of Oslo too 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi Cardinal, hope you are having/have had a good time in israel. Loved your “day in the life of òslo” – made all the better by your sardonic commentary – I concord with the green peace and anti nuclear sentiments, I myself support… The Society of the Eradication of All Known Diseases” if feel my €20 per month is well spent.
    Small editorial correction; the mustard coloured vehicle is a Land Rover as opposed to a Range Rover. Keep up the good work.

    • “The Society of the Eradication of All Known Diseases” sounds like a great cause to support! Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.
      Perhaps a little “LIKE” on Facebook? I could post a letter of concern on all my friends walls. Or maybe a small parade downtown to show discontent?

      Thanks for the correction on the vehicle. I will immediately make changes in the research team here in the blog – they will not get away so easy with this slip!

      What about your blog and your new camera? Did you figure out the camera yet? Are you planning to post some more photos in your blog?

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