No Challenge? Enjoy a Guinness instead!

Friday usually means another WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, but this Friday there was none because of reasons unknown. I’m pretty sure that the WordPress team have a legit reason for not being able to post the WPC exactly on Friday, so instead of waiting for the WPC to be posted, I decided to join Pseu’s “No Challenge” post:

There’s nothing like a Guinness on a Friday night after work!

There's nothing like a Guiness after work on Friday night!

There’s nothing like a Guinness after work on Friday night!

Cheers! Have a wonderful weekend!

P.S: If you like my photography posts, I’ve made a new page on the blog dedicated to the all my posts on the subject.

More people have decided to join the party! Jude also brought a beer!

25 thoughts on “No Challenge? Enjoy a Guinness instead!

  1. Mmmmm! I like a Guinness. But last night it was a rather lovely glass of red wine a the local pub. 🙂

  2. Morrn … missed this last night [because I was watching a Norwegian series on Netflix called «Lilyhammer» hilarious!!!]
    Will joiin Pseu too later today … Your Guiness shot is very nice! Good idea about the page … that might be something to consider..

    • I haven’t seen the Lillyhammer series, but I know that it’s airing on one of the TV channels here as well. We watch all our stuff online.
      Please join the party. I’m glad Pseu started it!

      A photo page is definitely a good idea. I’ll do some changes on mine and make it more fancy. I just have a bunch of other things to fix first 🙂

  3. I found 4 tins in our local supermarket this week at one Euro each! I love Guiness.

    I was waiting for the Challenge too, oh well … we could call it ‘Beer’! I shall go and have a look for a pic that could have a beer interpretation!

    • One euro?!? That’s a bargain! Here it’s something like 4 euro!

      Love your beer picture: Leffe is quite tasty and light.
      I added a link to your beer in my post 🙂


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