Enjoying ice cream – scanned and restored photo

I’ve started to restore some old family photos that I’ve scanned. The saturation is corrupted in some of the images, many of them have scratches and some are discolored. A few of them even suffer from all of the above!

Old photo after scan.

Original photo after scan.

It can be time-consuming to scan your old photos, especially if the photos are very damaged and you want to restore them. I was working on this photo last night and here’s a very short summary of what I did with this photo:

  • Examined the histogram to determine problems.
  • Removed some color cast by adding a level adjustment layer and adjusting the colors individually.
  • Added photo filter layer set to “underwater” with 25% density
  • Used healing brush & stamp tool on a copy of the original photo layer (sampled from different places near the parts I wanted to keep).
Scanned & restored old family photo.

Scanned & restored old family photo.

I’m not totally satisfied with the results, but I don’t have more time to spend on this project for now because I have to go to slavery work.

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30 thoughts on “Enjoying ice cream – scanned and restored photo

  1. Memooories…like the corners if my mind…. (imagine music with that)
    Love the stroller in the back! Had a similar one, pink 🙂

  2. Morrn,
    That is pretty good! Feel very lucky that you do have them! I have none.
    Now, my brother back home in Sweden, has bought a scanner that can scan negatives and slides, so he’s been sending a few, old pictures. They bring back so many memories…

    I will try your technique now, on some old photos that my husband has..

    • Good luck with the technique. I’ll write a detailed post with screenshots, hopefully later this week – I have several photos that needs a little retouch.
      Hopefully your brother can scan the old photos and send them to you 🙂
      It’s nice to get these old ‘memories’ digital.

  3. Excellent! You did a great job! You may not satisfied yet but in my humble opinion you’ve done a great job.

    Thanks for sharing your work. 🙂

  4. OMG how cute is this …that cute baby..that’s you right…Aww super super cute photo…these are gems so many stories in every pic…its good you have started restoring them..

  5. Aww 🙂 It is truly a wondrous thing to watch the expression on a child’s face when it tastes ice cream for the first time 🙂 Thanks for the info Cardinal!

  6. That’s amazing! I think you did quite a good job – it’s a testament to how much you really can do with our technology these days.

  7. I just did a post on Leanne Cole’s editing of one of my photos. I remember having seen one of your posts on editing something basic. I have to look for it. This tutorial is very well illustrated and the explanations are very clear. Thank you! 🙂

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