I’ve started to restore some old family photos that I’ve scanned. The saturation is corrupted in some of the images, many of them have scratches and some are discolored. A few of them even suffer from all of the above!

Old photo after scan.
Original photo after scan.

It can be time-consuming to scan your old photos, especially if the photos are very damaged and you want to restore them. I was working on this photo last night and here’s a very short summary of what I did with this photo:

  • Examined the histogram to determine problems.
  • Removed some color cast by adding a level adjustment layer and adjusting the colors individually.
  • Added photo filter layer set to “underwater” with 25% density
  • Used healing brush & stamp tool on a copy of the original photo layer (sampled from different places near the parts I wanted to keep).
Scanned & restored old family photo.
Scanned & restored old family photo.

I’m not totally satisfied with the results, but I don’t have more time to spend on this project for now because I have to go to slavery work.

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