I shot this photo two years ago, but I wasn’t pleased with the result so I had to take it to my digital darkroom. (Digital “darkroom” is the hardware, software and techniques used in digital photography that replace the darkroom equivalents, such as enlarging, cropping, dodging and burning, as well as processes that don’t have a film equivalent. – Wikipedia).
Here’s the result:

Photo of an alligator, by Cardinalguzman.wordpress.com
Photo of an alligator, by Cardinalguzman.wordpress.com

This is how I created this image and the lens blur effect:

  1. Duplicated the photo layer.
  2. Created a new alpha channel
  3. Drew a circle
  4. Edit in Quick mask mode
  5. Added some Gaussian blur & then brushed with white the parts I wanted to keep clear.
  6. Entered normal mode
  7. Chose the alpha 1 channel from the channels panel.
  8. Transfered the selection to the channel by holding the Alt button and hit Delete. Then deselect.
  9. Back to the RGB channel.
  10. Added lens blur with source set to Alpha 1 channel (tick off “Invert”)
  11. Sharpened the image
  12. Burned highlights, shadows & midtones with a low opacity
  13. Added a brightness/contrast layer and a photo filter (warming 85 – density 15).
  14. Added watermarks and metatags.

If you want more detailed information on the process, or a full tutorial, please let me know. What do you think of the final result?