Sun & daily drama (Weekly Photo Challenge)

The challenge for WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge this week is “Sun”.

We’ve done sunset before, but what about when the sun, in its full glory, is the feature of your photo? Here’s a picture of a Roman alleyway, and the sun transforms this normal scene into something magical with its rays.

To me playing with lights & shadows is an integral part of photographing and in my opinion you’ll find the best natural light during sunrise & sunset. Don’t get me wrong: this doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to shoot some nice photos during broad daylight. Remember to keep your camera with you & keep your eyes open for that next shot.

Woman hit by scooter at Mallorca in 2010.

Woman hit by scooter at Mallorca in 2010.

Before you know it you’ll be witnessing a piece of daily drama, like in these photos that I shot at Mallorca in 2010. This poor old lady was hit by a scooter just moments before we came strolling along. The sunlight almost adds some kind of symbolism to the photos. I don’t know what happened to the lady afterwards, if she survived or not (probably she did), but photos like these is a reminder of how fragile life can be & that you can’t control the randomness…

Accident at Mallorca 2010

Accident at Mallorca, 2010

45 thoughts on “Sun & daily drama (Weekly Photo Challenge)

    • Thank you Miss SMC Writes! Glad to hear that I nailed it, because I found this weeks photo challenge to be an utterly boring and underestimating “challenge”.

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  3. Those were really strong images … and the sunlight was good too.

    I totally agree with you about dawn and dusk. Especially morning, I think … but also the few minutes just after the sun has set and everything gets that lovely, indigo hue..

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  5. 2 good pictures of the cruel world – and taken with great respect for the scene – did not hope the old lady had to go through great suffering in the accident…

  6. Wow. I am tempted to go out for some new shots right now, but it’s almost 40 degrees Celsius outside, and I’m a lazy bum.

    Thanks for dropping by Hope to see you around some more. 🙂

    • Wait ’till the sun sets & the temperature drops: bring your camera and click away! If not, you can always shoot from the rooftop.
      I remember that I used to love to watch India wake up in the morning, while I drank my tea/coffee at some rooftop. In Delhi it seems like most people enjoy their time out on some roof in the early morning hours while they are brushing their teeth and such. Or they go there in the evening to watch the sunset.

      I’ll definitely drop by your blog again!

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  8. I like the contrast of light and dark in your photo; I too see the symbolism you speak of. I wonder about the policeman and the onlooker…they don’t seem to be in much of a hurry to assist her.

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  11. These photos bring up so many questions in my mind. What was the outcome? What are the police doing to handle this? Is she dead? If not, how badly was she injured? The woman with the suitcase appears so casual in spite of the scene beside her. Why? One officer is standing in the middle of the street looking away from the woman. Is he watching for other cars and scooters so he can direct them away? And more questions.

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