Bollywood Dancers

These two photos are heavily photoshopped. The first photo is not one, but two images combined together, and on both of them the background has been tampered with. I shot these some years ago when I was hired to do some shooting for a film festival called Bollywood Filmfest in Oslo.

I don’t have a lot to say about these photos, so I’ll let the images do the talking (click for larger versions):

– Our fellow blogger Mr. Frizzie at flickrcomments arranges this thing he calls the  A-Z archive. This week his theme in the A-Z Archive is the “P! challenge“, and since these images are photoshopped I thought I’d join his “P! challenge” – P as in Photoshopped.

18 thoughts on “Bollywood Dancers

  1. These are very beautiful images that you have created. I brought Photoshop a few months ago and still don’t know how to use it. I even have two books that I got to help me, with no luck. Finally decided just to use trail and error method. Maybe someday I will be able yo do what you did. Ha Ha! Some people have it, some don’t.


    • I used Photoshop daily back in the days when I had an interesting job. That was before the “internet bubble” or the “dot-com bubble”.
      I’ve continued photoshopping since then, but not professionally.
      The trial & error method can be great, but if you really want to learn some techniques I recommend that you buy a book with a CD, or follow some tutorials.
      There’s lots of free tutorials online.

  2. I love Bollywood movies especially the dance sequences… 😉
    I’m finally catching up but will have to come back and comment later on other/ future posts. Thanks for your patience! 🙂

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