Chateau d’eau, place Grenette, Grenoble.

When we went to visit our dear friends in Grenoble this Easter/Pesach/Days-off-work, and I promised you that I would keep you updated with some photos from Grenoble. I’ve already posted two in a post called Evening in Grenoble, and today I felt that the time was right to post another photo: this one slightly more photoshopped than the other two 🙂

Here’s one of Grenoble’s many fountains – one of countless charming features to this charming city.

Chateau d'eau, place Grenette - Grenoble. By

Chateau d’eau, place Grenette – Grenoble. By

(Needless to say, but as always you can click the image for larger version).

Any feedback (positive/negative) or questions is highly appreciated.

17 thoughts on “Chateau d’eau, place Grenette, Grenoble.

  1. It looks very aged … I like it!

    Grenoble seems to be associated with skiing, in my mind…

    • There’s a lot of opportunities for sports in the mountains surrounding Grenoble. They had the Winter Olympics back in 1968 and, besides the ski resorts, the area is famous for climbing, rapelling & mountain biking. They also have an icehockey team. I wanted to buy a shirt with the local icehockey team logo, but I totally forgot…

      • It was probably because of the Winter Olympics, I had it so connected with downhill skiing 🙂

    • I can see that it does remind of La Belle Époque (I had to google it and ended up reading Wikipedias article). There’s a lot of great art from that period, but unfortunately they don’t make absinth like they used to 🙂

      Thanks for teaching me something new Madhu 😀

    • I’m not sure about the actual size of it in meters, but it is rather big and it was designed by Victor Sappey in 1824. In addition to building the fountain that you see in this post – The Fontaine de la place Grenette, (also known as the Château d’eau or Fontaine des dauphins), Sappey also built another fountain in Grenoble: The Fontaine du serpent et du lion (The fountain of the serpent & the lion) which I’ll post a picture of another day.

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