At the fun fair – the Tivoli – in Grenoble

Funfair- tivoli - in Grenoble

Fun fair- Tivoli – in Grenoble

As we arrived Grenoble from Paris with our rented car, I couldn’t help to notice the fun fair – or the Tivoli as it’s also called. Immediately I decided that I would go there one evening to take some pictures. So we brought our friend and the camera and headed over: All the coloured lights against the dark backdrop was an excellent opportunity to shoot some photos!

Check out the other photos from the fun fair – the Tivoli in this gallery:

On these photos I’ve used a photo technique called motion blur. The motion blur effect is achieved when you set your camera to a slow shutter speed.

27 thoughts on “At the fun fair – the Tivoli – in Grenoble

      • Why your welcome! I am actually a Miss – but I will accept Mademoiselle! lol we had a whole conversation about that at work the other day if you’d believe it! I am constantly getting mail addressed as Mrs. and I’m like hey I’m not married, I don’t even have a ring! Yet when people/clients talk to me on the phone it’s almost always Miss – I will take that to mean I still sound young I suppose! lol

  1. These are wonderful! How fun. You did a great job capturing the excitement of the fair. I agree with you on slowing down the shutter to catch the motion. It works so well for these shots you don’t mind the faces being out of focus.

    • Sometimes a slow shutterspeed can produce interesting results.
      Back in the early days of photography a slow shutter speed was the only way to photograph. Must have been a hassle to get your portrait done back then!

      Ok. That’s a great pose. Now stand still for 30 minutes

  2. Oh, what fun it must have been to shoot these! 7769 came out quite nice …where zoomed in and out during the exposure!

  3. Great pictures, especially with the ones that look like a giant wheel. Some pictures turned out as an abstract one. 🙂

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