Journey (Weekly Photo Challenge)

“Share a picture which means JOURNEY to you!”

Recently I translated this travel article I wrote from Nepal. Now I’m on a journey to the French Alps, so I don’t have time to write. But I’ll leave you with these two photos from Oslo:

26 thoughts on “Journey (Weekly Photo Challenge)

  1. Both are brilliant!

    DFDS … that was the line I travelled with to England back in 1983. Great to see they’re still around. [fick varma wienerbröd till frukost!]

    The second one is really thought provoking. Love it..

    Morrn da

    • The second one is a street-photo of some random guy waiting for the tram. I asked him if I could take a photo and he said: “Yes, as long as you’re not from a newspaper”.
      I don’t know if DFDS still goes to England, but this particular ferry is the one that goes to Denmark.
      Ønsker deg en riktig flott påske 🙂

  2. Love the second one. Makes me think of those many occasions where you’re waiting during your journey – reading, people-watching, napping, eating, or queuing!

  3. Love the second one too! The waiting for departure theme, reminds me of your entry for the indulgence challenge 🙂

  4. Lovely pictures…the sky in the first picture is breathtaking. I like the story surrounding the second picture…he is using his waiting time really well…at least he is not pacing up and down with impatience 🙂

    • Thank you Veeh. The sunset can create some really lovely colors – it all depends on the weather & sky conditions. Shot some great sunrise photos here in the French Alps this morning. I’ll post some of them later.

      The guy was a great sport: he didn’t mind me taking a picture. I agree that he’s using his waiting time well.

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  6. I love the pink clouds in the first one! We get those here too and they are my favourite 🙂 and the second one seems so thoughtful

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  11. I love the colours in the first photo, kind of romantic… The second one is really great. It is as if he is taking a five minute break from his travels.

    • Thanks Maggie, I also like symbolism of the 5-miutes sign. The first one looks romantic, but it’s just Oslo. Like I wrote in your post “Journey to find the Ultimate Outhouse”: Looks can be so deceiving 😀

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