Indulge before your flight (Weekly Photo Challenge)

For this weeks Photo Challenge, WordPress writes:
“Indulge. When we think of the word indulge, food often comes to mind, but indulging isn’t always about food. You can indulge in moments, feelings, emotions, places, and more! It can be a private moment rocking on a hammock, watching a movie on a work day, eating that second piece of chocolate cake, reliving a memory, fantasizing about the future, or treating or pampering yourself.”

Next destination...?

Next destination…?

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page – Augustine

EDIT: I posted an additional post for this weeks Photo Challenge. It’s an oil-painting. If you want to have a look, here it is:

37 thoughts on “Indulge before your flight (Weekly Photo Challenge)

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  3. Great photo…even better when clicking to enlarge, I love the reflection.
    You know me and wine…so I went a different route today.

    • Yes, we’re both fond of wine. If you & your husband ever come to Norway we’ll have to share a bottle!

      The only thing I don’t like when you enlarge pictures, is that the background (outside the photo) is always white. I wish they could have made a “photo-friendly” browser with a default background colour of neutral grey.

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    • Tusen takk Joakim! Du har mange bra bilder i bloggen din, jeg skal titte nærmere på de senere idag, men nå må jeg ned til byen og fikse diverse ting & tang. Blant annet sjekke ut noen greier til kameraet og kjøpe nye strenger til gitaren 🙂

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