Sambatakture! Prinspóló live in Oslo!

This article contains a review of Prinspóló’s first concert in Oslo, plus some photos & some movie/sound clips.

Sambatakture! Prinspóló live in Oslo!

At the store G&K in Reykjavik

At the store G&K in Reykjavik

Recently we were on our honeymoon to Iceland and of course my wife had to seize the moment to do some shopping. We went into a clothing store called G&K (they had some really cool lamps in the ceiling there) and as my wife were looking around I sat down in what I call the mens department (don’t get me wrong: in my vocabulary this doesn’t mean that I am looking at mens clothes, no, no, no. This means that I sit down in a chair, on a bench or a sofa (if available).

As I sat there in the mens department I noticed a song that was playing, so i asked the employees about it. They told me it was a dj-remix of Prinspóló. After my wife finished the shopping, we went to the nearest music store where I asked about this Prince Solo (I messed up the name a bit). The guy there said he’d never heard about it, so we ran to the next music store (the shops were all about to close at this time). He said their album was sold out at the moment, so he guided us to the next store where they luckily had the album.

A few days after we returned from our honeymoon, I googled Prinspóló and to my surprise I found out that they were playing a gig at the ByLarm festival in Oslo the next day. I couldn’t let this chance to shoot some photos and interview the band pass by, so the next day we went to see their show which was held at a small club called Revolver.

Here’s a clip from the concert:

The audience at Revolver seemed to enjoy the music, even though most of them didn’t know the songs prior to the concert.
Because this was a festival there was several other bands on that night, so Prinspóló didn’t play all the songs from their latest album, but they got to play most of them. Here’s the song list (they also played a couple of more songs, but this is written from my memory):

  • Hakk Og Spaghettí
  • Gítarjukk Í B Dúr
  • Mjaðmir
  • Skærlitað Gúmmulaði
  • Njótum Afans
  • Niðrá Strönd.

This songlist is not complete, nor is it in order, except for the last song: the last song on the setlist was Niðrá Strönd.

The members of the Icelandic band Prinspolo are:

  • Svavar – Guitar & vocals
  • Loji – Guitar
  • Berglind – Keyboard
  • Kristján Drums

This is how they are presented at the Bylarm festival website:

Prinspóló is the alter-ego of Skakkamanage’s front man Svavar Pétur Eysteinsson. Prinspóló sings about the important things in life, like food and senior citizens. His quirky lyrics and catchy tunes has gained him some popularity amongst the downtown Reykjavík music scene and among suburban housewives. Prinspóló has released one EP called “Einn Heima” and new LP is being released on Kimi Records in the beginning of June 2011. The album is called “Jukk”, meaning everything, something and nothing. Prinspóló performs with a band comprised of musicians drawn from FM Belfast, Reykjavík! and Sudden Weather Change.

After the concert we went backstage for a small chat with the band.
The band was heading to see some of the other shows during the festival, so  unfortunately we didn’t have much time, but Svavar told us that the band started as a solo project when he was living on the East Coast of Iceland and that the band name originates from a Polish chocolate bar.

Svavar also plays in another band called Skakkamanage. Skakkamanage has been on a break for two years, but they now have an album waiting to be released.
The other guitarist, Loje, played in a band called Sudden Weather Change.

When I asked about their lyrics Svavar told me that he likes to put down words on a piece of paper and “see where it takes me”.
He explained that Prinspóló’s song Niðrá Strönd is about a man that takes someone to the beach, while Skærlitað Gúmmulaði is about icelanders hanging out at a kiosk.
(This is actually a typical phenomenon that you can see on the countryside of any of the Scandinavian/Nordic countries. If there’s is no kiosk nearby you’ll see them hanging around the nearest petrol station).

That’s all the time we had with the friendly people in Prinspóló for now, but hopefully we will meet them again later, perhaps at another festival or the next þorrablót?

I’ll leave you with the lyrics for their song Niðrá Strönd, kindly written down in Icelandic & translated into Danish by Svavar (because of their history with Denmark all the kids learn Danish at the schools in Iceland):

Niðrá Strönd (Icelandic)

Vildir mig ekki þá, vildir mig ekki síðar, og þú vilt mig ekki enn

þó ég spyrji eftir þér á hverjum degi þá viltu aldrei vera memm
Meira segja þegar þú ert heima þá ert þú að hitta allt aðra menn
Þú segir samt komduu aftur síðar, þinn tími mun koma senn

Hvursu lengi á ég að bíða
Hvenær má ég hringa fara að smíða

Það er engin veiði í þessu vatni, hvað er ég að spá?
held ég fari og nái mér í net og fari niður að á

Hvursu lengi á ég að bíða?
Hvenær má ég hringa fara að smíða?
panta prest í Fella- og Hólakirkju
Taka þig, niðrá strönd

Svavar - lead singer in the Icelandic band Prins Póló

Svavar – lead singer in the Icelandic band Prins Póló. I also used this photo in post for WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge (check the links for more)

Niðrá Strönd (Danish)

Du vil‘ ej ha‘ mig  dengang, du vil´ ikke have mig siden, og du vil mig ikke nu
Hver dag spør‘ jeg efter dig men hører bare fra dig: skrup af du
Også selvom du er hjemme lader du en masse andre mænd komme ind
Siger så kom senere, jeg har ikke slaget dig af sind.

_Hvor længe skal jeg vente?
Mine fingre venter ringe spændte. (På ringe mine fingre venter spændte)

I dette vand er der ingen fangst, hvad tænker jeg på
Jeg sku´ vel se o  køb‘ et næt og  finde en å

_  Hvor længe skal jeg vente?
Mine fingre venter ringe spændte.
Med præsten i Bjerg-høj kirke vil jeg tale
Ta´ dig, på en strand.

7 thoughts on “Sambatakture! Prinspóló live in Oslo!

  1. I like this music. Never heard of it before and don’t understand lanquage but it’s nice. Thanks for sharing the music, your photos and your narritive.


  2. Off to see where I might be able to download this music from, thank you so much for the links. Love the music! I have always wanted to explore Iceland, for so many reasons. All best wishes to you and your wife!

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