Test shooting at location

I did some research for a photo project I’m planning, which means I had to take a few test shots. Here’s one of them:

Test shooting at location

Test shooting at location

For this project I’ll might need some artificial lighting, but the finished result is supposed to be dark, so too much light will ruin the atmosphere.
The light depends on which direction I’ll end up shooting. This photo is shot in the darkest end of the building, using only natural light, but when I’ll arrange the photo shoot we might end up photographing in the brighter end as well.
The plan was to finish this project today, but I need a helping hand and my friend was busy so it got postponed.

Stay tuned for more!
– Cardinal

16 thoughts on “Test shooting at location

  1. have beautiful projects!
    I’m sure the result will be as you want
    I use the translator does not speak English …
    I hope you understand. 🙂
    the photo is beautiful, very beautiful!

  2. Wow, what a beautiful and atmospheric photo! So ominous and moody and sinister! Looks really great! I am curious as to what your photo project is…and I could see this photo being the inspiration for a future piece of writing…wonderful photo!

    • Thanks for all the likes on my different posts & thank you very much for this warming & well-written comment Mrs Mysterious Blogger with this obscure name.
      Hmm… your name is quite intriguing actually.

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