Good Morning Oslo!

This turned out to be a perfect entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge.
Sleepy people on their way to work. A christmas tree closing in on death.
Christmas decorations, waiting to be packed and stored in cardboard boxes (where they’ll have to wait, just to repeat their short career’s around the same time next year). A tiger with a frozen head – they say you can rub his balls for good luck (OK, so I just made that up, but you can always try). A tram & a bus seen through the icy window of a bus. The central train station.

Early in the morning, hours before all the pick-pockets, junkies & drug dealers have arrived and started their business…

Good Morning Oslo. Have a nice day!


33 thoughts on “Good Morning Oslo!

    • Thanks Margie. Your comment made me enter this post to the weekly photo challenge, ’cause I figured you’re right: Oslo is pretty peaceful and deserted at times.

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  2. Beautiful post! I really like the Tiger story. I would definitely try it on some of my friends.. if the tiger was in our place. LOL

    • I would also rather be somewhere nice & warm – unfortunately Oslo is neither.
      Without fatty paychecks people probably wouldn’t bother to live here at all…

    • Thanks Patti. Unfortunately you can say the same about the people: no-one talks to eachother in Oslo. You can sit on a subway packed full of people and still hear someone fart in the other end (unless it’s saturday night when everyone is drunk & able to speak to eachother and laugh).

    • Yes the snow came late this year. Two years ago we had more snow than we’ve had for the last 100 years or something (at least that’s what they say), but this winter has been a pathetic excuse for a winter – more like a shitty summer…

  3. Looks really cold. My sister in law said she is keeping her christmas tree up for another 2 months. I took mine down on Christmas day.

    • The christmas season is nice and this year it was too short (our extra days off work got mixed up with the weekend, so we didn’t get a lot of extra days of “freedom” where we could actually enjoy life).
      Why not make the christmas last longer? At least the retailers would be very happy!
      We also packed away our tiny, plastic christmas tree, but technically it could stay for the whole year and still look fresh:

    • Trivia: Oslo is also called The Tiger City. The nick-name started back in 1870 in a poem written by Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson and it was used in a negative context.

  4. lots of peaceful – and expressive – images.
    i also know someone who tells stories and made-up legends (with a straight face!) to out-of-town visitors here. i think i could never do that, i would always end up laughing.
    i like the washed-out colours, too.
    we have not had snow yet either this winter. the forecast is calling for snow this weekend, but i will not be disappointed if they are wrong. i am ready for spring 🙂

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