Boys Night Out

I’m a grass widower now, but luckily not for long: yesterday, tonight & tomorrow – that sums up my 2 nights & 3 day’s career as a grass widower. To me that’s plenty of time, because I don’t really like not having my wife around.

Anyway, so I had to spend my time as a grass widower wisely. The result of this career was that last night was spent to write on a yet unpublished post in the blog, while tonight I went out to a local pub to meet an old friend that I haven’t seen for many years. I also managed to combine so that this rendezvous included a second friend.

boys night out

boys night out

Since we were seated next to the billiards table I couldn’t let the opportunity of shooting a photo pass by…

The result would’ve been better if I used a tripod (which I didn’t bring), but it’s decent enough. At least decent enough for now. Perhaps I’ll bring a tripod next time…


10 thoughts on “Boys Night Out

    • Thnaks Frizzie. The idea was to catch the blur in the movements, but we were drinking and I didn’t have a tripod, so unfortunately some parts of the photo got blurry even if I didn’t want them to (like the edge of the table).

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