44 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge 2012 Logo

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    • First you save the picture you want to your computer (right-click & save).
      Then you edit your post and & click on the Upload/Insert picture – find the picture on your local harddrive, upload it and save you post.

      OR (if you want the top header)
      Save the picture you want to your computer (right-click & save).
      Edit your post. Scroll all the way down, click on “Set featured image” (at the bottom on the right side of the screen). Find the file, upload & save.

      Let me know if you need further assistance.

  3. Thanks Cardinal Guzman. Check it out.
    The image widget made it easier for me to get it on my blog as a badge.
    Thanks for the persistence in assisting me to get it posted. It looks great

    • At first I didn’t find it, but then I realized that you also have a lot of widgets underneath the posts, just like I have.
      I’m glad I could be at your assistance 🙂 (but you don’t have to write the “thanks to […]” in the title field of the image-widget, you’ve already thanked me here and that’s more than enough)

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  5. Great job. All we need is WP to confirm that they are doing more in 2012. I love the re-introduction of the photo challenge.;-)

  6. Brilliant my friend. Always wondered what is it that will symbolize the contributors as a group. I sure will post it. Hope you don’t mind if I tell my blogger friends about the great news. Stay cool!

  7. Oh, I finally took the time and figured out how to get your badge on my blog. Yea! Ya really can teach and old dog new tricks. Thanks! All the badges look awesome. 😉

  8. Found one of your badges on another blog and have searched everywhere to get one! At last found it here. A great idea and thank you. I shall try and put one on my blog.

    • I posted these long before WordPress finally posted their own at their website dailypost.wordpress.com
      But now WordPress’ official badges are also available on their blog.
      By the way: Very nice photo on your Weekly Photo Challenge “contrast”

      • Thank you! I did try and find badges on the WordPress blog but couldn’t seem to find the one for the Weekly Photo Challenge. Yours looks very nice so I’m keeping it.

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