Launch (Weekly Photo Challenge 2012)

Here’s my entry for the first Weekly Photo Challenge 2012. I shot these photos back in 2006, but to compensate for the old photos I made these new Weekly Photo Challenge badges & top header (please check them out & feel free to use them as you wish).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I wish you all the best of luck for 2012, and keep up the blogging. May your posts rock the world!

71 thoughts on “Launch (Weekly Photo Challenge 2012)

  1. Cool, that kid of yours must have enjoyed it. I wonder how it’s like living with snow. I will literally freeze, haha

  2. Great action! I got chills just watching him hit the snow. Did you have to dig him out?
    Thanks for the pingback, and for the list of everyone.

    • No problem! I’ll add to the list later as more people join in on the challenge.
      Didn’t have to dig him out – the snow was new & soft, just like we like it!

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  4. very very awesome!! my husband would love to let our son do this!! too bad we never get snow here!!

    • I guess it can be a mother’s nightmare, but of course it’s not a nightmare when uncle is there: arranging the ladder & encouraging the kids to jump 🙂

  5. What a daring and fun looking activity! We’ve had some pretty deep snow banks here, but never soft enough to jump into, and never close enough to a convenient roof!
    Thanks for linking to my launch!

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  8. Absolutely stunning! I would just love to be jumping in the snow….. LOL! I can say that because I’m in Florida! Truly though, I love the snow and your pics reminded me of that wonderful delightful feeling of making snow angels and falling right into it head first! lovey work.

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  10. great photos! reminds me of the blizzard of ’78 in Massachusetts when the snow was so high we were able to jump out 2nd story windows with no fear of life or limb! kind of fun, actually!!!

  11. Thanks for the pingback! I like your sequence – it looks fun although I bet from the top it looks liek a bigger drop!

    That snow is really deep!

  12. thanks for including my blog with your links – I can remember as a kid jumping off the shed into the snowbank that built up beside it! we haven’t seen that kind of snow for many years! love the photos.

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