Early Evening Train

Went down to the railroad tracks to shoot a few photos of passing trains this evening.  
People returning from work...

As always you can click the images to see bigger versions…


8 thoughts on “Early Evening Train

    • We pratically have the tracks inside our bedroom. The first weeks we lived here I dreamt about trains every night. Now it’s ok, I’m used to the noise from the train, and I’ve accepted the fact that the ‘low-income segment’ are destined to live in areas with high pollution &/or noise.

      But I fucking hate it when they are working on the tracks!! (and they do that very often! Norway has a very lousy public transportation system, and it constantly needs to be repaired because they never do a good job). They always have to repair it during the middle of the night (when there’s no traffic), and they make a hell of a noise…

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